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4 Royal Blue Outfit Ideas For Clear Winter

Royal Blue and Green Clear Winter Color PaletteThis color combo comes straight from the clear winter color palette. I chose these colors based on an analogous color scheme. This means the royal blue and green are next to each other on the color wheel. Actually, to be accurate, there is a nice blue green that is in between the royal blue and green… for a true analogous color scheme… but I wanted to create a vivid color combination that is perfect for a clear winter. Keep your colors bright and saturated. Muted blues and greens will look terrible on you.

You can have fun with this color combination by wearing a black dress with a bright royal blue scarf and green jacket. Or wear a royal blue blouse with black pants and a green blazer or coat.

The photo below shows this same color combination with a green dress, black jacket and a royal blue scarf. Have some fun with a pair of royal blue shoes!

Royal Blue and Green Outfit Idea For Clear Winter

Here’s another perfect color combo for a Clear Winter. This outfit plays with royal blue and bright pink. Notice the playful turquoise statement necklace and light turquoise bag… also in the clear winter color palette!

Clear Winter Royal Blue Outfit Idea
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I found this mood board that is perfect for the Clear Winter…

Look of the day: royal blue, fuchsia & turquoise


Have fun and wear what you love!

Jen Thoden

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