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2 Royal Blue Outfit Ideas For Clear Spring

Royal Blue and Orange Clear Spring Color PaletteThis is a perfect outfit and color combination for a clear spring! The color combo is a complementary color scheme… meaning that the orange and royal blue are opposite each other on the color wheel… creating a dynamic and WOW statement. Black always looks good on a clear spring.

Notice how saturated the colors are. This is very typical of the colors found in the clear spring color palette.

You can change this look up by wearing a royal blue blouse with orange capris. Layer on a black denim jacket and black sandals! Or try a black sweater with a royal blue scarf and an orange trench coat.

Here’s a perfect color combo for a Clear Spring. Royal blue and turquoise are right next to each other on the clear spring color wheel.

Tranquility Statement Necklace In Royal Blue - Happiness Boutique - 26


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Have fun and wear what you love!

Jen Thoden

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