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Royal Blue and Red Outfit Idea For Light Summer

Royal Blue and Red Light Summer Color PaletteThis color combo is perfect for the light summer. I based this combo on a triad color scheme. This means that the red and blue on the light summer color wheel form a triangle. Normally, there is a third color (green) in the triad combo, but the light summer color palette doesn’t really have any green. Still, for a dynamic outfit, you can combine your royal blue with your light summer red.

Notice that your red is not an oversaturated orangey-red. It is a true red with a little deepness too it. Your royal blue is also not a very bright royal blue. Make sure you refer to your color palette and color wheel to make sure you have the right reds and blues for your coloring.

With this same color combo, you can wear a blue top with a red jacket or scarf and grey pants or  jeans. You could also wear a grey dress with a royal blue scarf and red jacket.

Have fun and wear what you love!

Jen Thoden

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