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Seasonal Color Analysis – Breonna – Light Summer or Light Spring?

This week’s seasonal color analysis is with Breonna.

breonna-seasonal-color-analysis-light-summerWhen she first sent me her photo… I knew immediately she was either a light spring or a light summer. Natural light blonde hair will put you immediately into these 2 seasons. Light because of her skin and eyes. Her eyes aren’t clear, so she’s not a clear spring. And she doesn’t have any warmth, like with auburn highlights, so that rules out a warm spring.

This leaves light spring, light summer, and soft summer.

Just looking at her head shot… she’s not a soft summer. Soft summers have a mousy appearance… muddy hair… and her hair is light and blonde… and her skin is clear and fair. She is not soft and muted.

So, we are left with light spring and light summer.

These 2 seasons can easily be confused because the person is light, fair and blonde.

So, how did I decide?

Well, I will admit, we went back and forth a few times. I first told her she was a light spring… until she sent me a photo of her eyes…

Her eyes are grey! A very pretty soft grey. In the photos, here eyes looked green… which is why I was so confident that she was a light spring. BUT her eyes are cool NOT warm. And her eyes are darker than a light spring’s would be. Her eyes put her into the cool category… a LIGHT SUMMER.


In fact, look at her in this grey sweater. She looks perfect.

Here is Breonna in a cute cream top. She told me she gets lots of complements on it. She probably does because it’s super cute. And she is super cute. But the cream does nothing for her. She cries out for some color and cooler colors!


You can see the full color palette for Light Summer here => Light Summer Color Palette

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Jen Thoden

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