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Seasonal Color Analysis: Is Kelsey A Clear Winter or Deep Winter?

Kelsey was a complete joy to work with. When she first sent me her photos for a personal seasonal color analysis, I was blown away by her high contrast features. This is the first photo she sent me.

Seasonal Color Analysis - Jen Thoden

With her dark eyes and dark hair, she could only fit into a few seasonal color palettes.

First, let’s get rid of the obvious. She is not “soft”. Her features are sharp and deep. So soft autumn and soft summer are out.

She is not light. Her eyes are way too dark to be considered a light. So light summer and spring are out.

She has absolutely no warmth in her coloring. So the warm spring and warm autumn are out.

Her sharp, high contrast coloring could be a “Clear”. And her deep eyes could mean she’s “deep”.

I took a closer look at her eyes…

Clear Winter Hazel Eye

Her eyes have a distinct quality. They may have a greenish tint to them, but they are very cool. The whites of her eyes are super white. And you can see lines radiating out from the center to the edge. These are all qualities of a “clear”. Her porcelain skin and cool eyes put her in a cool color palette. So, she’s either deep winter or clear winter.

One could argue and say she’s a deep winter. So, I did a color study in both deep winter and clear winter.

Deep Winter - Seasonal Color Analysis - Jen Thoden
Deep Winter
Clear Winter - Seasonal Color Analysis - Jen Thoden
Clear Winter

When I put a pink from the deep winter on her, I thought… maybe she IS a deep winter. But when I tried many of the other colors on her… she just falls flat. You can almost see how her coloring on the left tends to look a little blue with that purple on her. She looks a little ill. But with the bright pink in the clear winter palette… wow! She just lights up.

To be sure, Kelsey sent me a few more photos…

Seasonal Color Analysis - Jen ThodenSeasonal Color Analysis - Jen ThodenSeasonal Color Analysis - Jen Thoden

She is so high contrast. Notice how the black and white striped shirt works perfectly. It doesn’t over power her or vibrate. It is just right. The bright saturated lipstick looks perfect on her. High contrast. Cool. Clear Winter.

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Jen Thoden

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