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Seasonal Color Analysis: Is Mandy An Autumn or A Spring?

Soft Autumn Eye - Seasonal Color AnalysisHer eyes are a light hazel green. When I see an eye color that is a blend like this, it usually means the person is a wearm season. Just looking at Mandy, I could tell she was “warm”. Her eyes just confirmed it.

Mandy describes her hair…

It’s naturally a light to medium brown with a coppery undertone. It was blonde when I was a child.

Seasonal Color Analysis: Is Mandy An Autumn or A Spring?Mandy had told me that she was analyzed as a soft summer a few years ago. That, sadly, is wrong. This photo of Mandy in a cool pink confirms this. This color really doesn’t do anything for her and drains her a bit. Way too cool for her.

Sorry, Mandy! I know you took this selfie in your bathroom, but I wanted to show a cool color on you. 🙂


Based on Mandy’s description and photos, my assessment was WARM and earthy. Just to easily rule it out for demonstration purposes, I put Mandy in Warm Spring. As you can see below, she is not a spring. Spring colors are brighter and pure and just don’t look right on Mandy at all.

Seasonal Color Analysis: Is Mandy An Autumn or A Spring?

My next assumption was that she was an autumn. Her coloring is too light to be a deep autumn. So, that was easily ruled out. I still held onto the “warm” characteristic and put her in Warm Autumn. I really like her in warm autumn. She looks great in reds, camels and olive greens. In fact, this was my analysis of her. Seasonal Color Analysis: Is Mandy An Autumn or A Spring?

BUT, although Mandy looks good in this palette, Mandy didn’t feel 100% comfortable. She asked if we could try again and consider soft autumn. I am very happy to try another season when doing a personal color analysis. I believe that you instinctively know your perfect colors, even if you can’t always articulate it. So, I went back to her photos and studied them a bit more.

I discovered a photo with a different color of hair… less coppery… and I realized that her overall characteristic wasn’t WARM but SOFT. She’s probably going to kill me for including this photo below, since she’s not smiling, but I think it’s a great photo that really shows off her overall coloring. Her hair looks great too! Can you see how she’s not high contrast or light and bright? Soft is how I would describer her. And I still say warm and earthy.

Seasonal Color Analysis: Is Mandy An Autumn or A Spring?

So, I put Mandy in Soft Autumn and voila! She’s right! She still looks great in the colors I described above in the warm autumn palette… reds, camels and olive greens. But what she was missing from the warm autumn palette was the wider range of greens available in the soft autumn color palette. Plus, Mandy looks incredible in soft pink. She just glows! A huge improvement from the intense purple sweater at the top of the post, wouldn’t you agree?

Seasonal Color Analysis: Is Mandy An Autumn or A Spring?

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