Pam was a ton of fun doing a seasonal color analysis with! She sent me all kinds of photos which helped us narrow down her season quickly.

The first photo she sent me was…

Seasonal Color Analysis - Jen Thoden

My first reaction was that she was a deep winter. Mainly because her eyes are so deep. But the grey just didn’t look right on her. When I told Pam that I thought she was a deep winter, she went through the color palette and then told me that it just didn’t “feel” right.

I always pay attention when a client says this because you instinctively know where you fit in the seasonal color palettes.

The only other option for her is a deep autumn. So, I asked Pam to send me photos of colors that she likes.

Here’s what she sent…

Seasonal Color Analysis - Jen Thoden Seasonal Color Analysis - Jen ThodenSeasonal Color Analysis - Jen Thoden

What’s interesting about these photos is that every single color she sent is in the deep autumn color palette. And she looks great in them.

Then she sent me a photo of her eye…
Deep Autumn Brown Eye

Her eye is a warm earthy brown. Pam was right. Deep Winter was absolutely NOT her season. She is a deep autumn.

Pam and I have had fun together cleaning out her closet. She sends me pics and I tell her whether or not she should keep an item.

With her style guide in hand… Pam has confidence in trying other colors that she’s never worn before. A couple weeks after she received her Deep Autumn style guide, she sent me a photo of her wearing olive green for the first time…

Seasonal Color Analysis - Jen Thoden

She looks amazing!

Would you like a personal seasonal color analysis so that you can dress with confidence everyday? I’d love to help! Visit my Personal Seasonal Color Analysis page to learn more.

Jen Thoden