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Seasonal Color Analysis: Is Toots A Light Spring or Warm Autumn?

Seasonal Color Analysis - Jen ThodenWhen Toots sent me her photo for a personal seasonal color analysis, I was convinced she was a light spring. Here is the first photo that she sent me. The lighting on this photo is perfect and I was able to see a lot of detail. So, thank you, Toots! 🙂

Toots wanted to know if she was a spring or autumn or something else. My first impression is that she is a spring. Her eyes are light, warm and bright… a warm color palette 100%. So, she was absolutely right in that she was a spring or autumn. But which one?

Let me first explain how I know that she’s not a Summer or Winter. Her eyes are a mix of green, blue and grey. They likely look different in different light and based on the color of her clothes. People with a cool color palette (summer or winter) don’t typically have eyes that change. They are a consistent color. Blue, Blue-Grey, Vivid Green. So, right off the bat, her eyes simply don’t fit in a cool color palette. Also, her hair, colored auburn, looks good on her. If she was a cool palette, the warm hair color would look off.

Springs typically have lighter and brighter eyes than an autumn. This isn’t a hard rule but it helps me rule out deep seasons.

She also told me that her hair is colored and this auburn color we see isn’t really her natural hair color. Toots described her natural hair as brown with auburn highlights. So, we get a little closer to solving the puzzle! Auburn highlights and brown hair… doesn’t exactly fit a light spring… but maybe a warm spring?

Since my first impressions can be wrong… and I wasn’t convinced she was a light spring. I decided to do a color study on her based on the photo she sent me.

First, I tried Toots as a Light Spring.

Seasonal Color Analysis - Light Spring

This isn’t terrible… but the colors seem too bright on her. I see the color before I see Toots. I was wrong, she is not a light spring. But maybe a warm spring?

Seasonal Color Analysis - Warm Spring

This is a little better because of the warmth, but it still isn’t right. Trying to see her in the bright green, that a warm spring looks so good in, is impossible. Looking at Toots in this warm palette… I’m starting to realize she is not a spring at all. The colors are just too light and bright for her. I really didn’t think she was an Autumn at first… but now… let’s see her in Warm Autumn colors…

Seasonal Color Analysis - Warm Autumn

Perfect. Toots is a warm autumn. Notice how she simply fits in this palette. The colors don’t wear her… she IS this color palette. Her best colors are the teal that I put on her, the deep plum, warm golden yellow, dark taupe and red. Wow!

And now that she knows her perfect colors… Toots was awesome to put on a dark taupe top, gold jewelry and sent me a photo… doesn’t she look amazing?!

Seasonal Color Analysis - Jen Thoden

Wearing your perfect colors can literally help you to look younger, thinner and prettier. It’s worth the time and energy to get it right. Because then… the fun begins! You can get your seasonal color wheel… clean out your closet… and start shopping with confidence. So much fun!

Would you like a personal seasonal color analysis so that you can dress with confidence everyday? I’d love to help! Visit my Personal Seasonal Color Analysis page to learn more.

Jen Thoden

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