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Seasonal Color Analysis: What Season is Allison?

Allison’s high quality photo made it really easy to do her color analysis.

This is how she described herself:

My natural hair is probably 3 shades darker than what I have now. It is fairly light due to the gray that I get covered up. I tend to wear black and more autumn colors. My eyes are true hazel so they shift to either greener or browner depending on my clothes and makeup.

I could tell right away that Allison was an autumn. She has a golden tone to her. She’s definitely WARM. She’s not a spring because she’s not “light”. Even if her hair was truly this blonde, her eyes are simply too dark and too earthy to be a spring.

She’s not a deep autumn and she’s not a warm autumn. That leaves soft. Allison is a soft autumn. Blonde hair or medium brown with golden highlights in combination with hazel-green eyes is very often a soft autumn. You can see in the analysis below, she looks great in soft autumn.

With her hair highlighted blonde, she is more of a soft autumn light or a tinted autumn. This is one of the new seasons in the 4×4 color system. If she darkens her hair back to her natural state, she would be a soft autumn deep or soft autumn, as shown below.

Soft Autumn - Seasonal Color Analysis Soft Autumn - Seasonal Color AnalysisWould you like a personal seasonal color analysis so that you can dress with confidence everyday?

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