I’m not gonna lie… Amber was a bit challenging when it came to her personal seasonal color analysis. She was great! But it was obvious to me, like it is for me with other clients, where she landed on the warm or cool scale. Some of it had to do with her fun dyed hair.

She sent me some great photos that were all in really great lighting and in focus. I could really see her eyes and her overall coloring.

First, she sent me this and the featured photo…
Seasonal Color Analysis: What Season Is Amber?

The photos were great for overall but since her hair was dyed red, I really needed to see her eyes up close. They looked green a bit. So, she did a great job of getting in focus bright photos of her eyes.

Cool Hazel Grey Eyes
Cool Hazel Grey Eyes Seasonal Color Analysis: What Season Is Amber?

He eyes were soft and a cool hazel. Grey with some cool brown. I still wasn’t sure if she landed in the soft category, clear or light. I ruled out light because her eyes were too soft for a light. Clear was an option… but I wasn’t convinced. I spent quite a bit of time playing with colors on Amber. When I put her in the soft summer color palette… she blended right in. The colors match her eyes… and she looks at home. Perfect!

Seasonal Color Analysis: What Season Is Amber?

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Jen Thoden