Fernanda read as a winter to me. Her deep, almost black, hair. Her deep cool eyes and her skin appeared cool to me too. Almost an olive green tint. And if there was any doubt that she was a winter versus an autumn, the high contrast between hair and skin shows me she is a winter.

Here is a photo of her cool dark eyes.

Cool Toned Winter Eye

When Fernanda had signed up for a seasonal color analysis, I was only offering the 12 seasons. So, deep hair and darker eyes put her as a deep winter.


She looks great as a winter and as a deep winter. She needs that high contrast jewel tones. You can see her skin and lips glow in this hot pink.


Now that I offer the 4×4 seasonal color analysis, I would have analyzed her as a toned winter. A soft winter. Her eyes are not super deep like a shaded winter. Her eyes are a little lighter and softer. Today, I would tell her she is a toned winter.

What does this mean for her? It means she is still a winter but her colors may be a bit softer compared to a shaded winter’s color palette. Honestly, the 2 color palettes are very similar, so I’m pretty sure Fernanda is looking amazing these days.

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Jen Thoden