When studied Laurie’s photos I would swear she was a cool winter.

Cool Blue Grey EyesShe is absolutely cool in coloring. Her hair is dark which rules out the obvious – light summer. Her eyes are grey which usually leans me toward soft summer but her overall coloring isn’t soft. It has contrast… which led me to assuming she was a winter.

Her eyes aren’t dark enough to be a deep winter and she’s not clear. This leaves cool winter and cool summer.
So, cool winter or cool summer?

First, I put her in cool winter. She looks great in cool winter. No doubt.
Seasonal Color Analysis
BUT Laurie looks so much better in cool summer. She looks amazing in redish pinks and cool blues.

She can also wear the darker mauvey taupes that are only in the cool summer palette. The difference between a cool summer and a cool winter can seem subtle, but there is another determining factor. A cool winter should remind you of snow white. The skin is fair and milky, eyes are blue and hair is almost black. Winters have a higher contrast overall and can’t tolerate the more muted colors. Looking at Laurie, she does have some contrast, but there is some softness there.

Seasonal Color Analysis: What Season Is Laurie?Seasonal Color Analysis: What Season Is Laurie?Seasonal Color Analysis: What Season Is Laurie?

After Laurie’s analysis was sent she was curious about the soft summer. I was happy to put her in soft summer, so that she could see if this worked for her. You can see her in soft summer below and this just seems to bland for her. I don’t read “soft” on her and the colors of soft summer are muted and soft. No saturation at all. Which does not suite Laurie.
Seasonal Color Analysis

Laurie agreed and asked one more question. Can she wear yellow, since there’s really no yellow in her cool summer color palette. Normally, I would say no, but I am a firm believer that if you love a color, you should wear it. I asked her to send me a photo of her in the yellow she’s thinking of. I was worried it would be a golden yellow, which I would tell her no way. But, she sent me the photo below in a bright icy yellow. This is a yellow straight from the cool winter color palette. I think she can wear it! Does this mean she’s a cool winter. I don’t think so. I think she’s predominantly a cool summer but there’s no harm in picking colors from a sister palette if you love it.
Seasonal Color Analysis

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Jen Thoden