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Seasonal Color Analysis: What Season is Megan?

Megan read as a summer to me right away. She sent me a ton of photos in all kinds of colors, but the ones I felt were the most flattering were the ones where she was in cool soft colors. 

Her eyes are a pretty bright blue. Her hair is a medium-dark brown and her skin has some pink in it. 



At first, I thought she was a soft summer (in the 12 seasons) but her eyes and overall coloring really aren’t soft. She’s not a light summer. She’s a brighter summer which is a cool summer. This is also known as a pure summer in the 16 seasons.


When I put her in cool summer, she blends right in. She looks great in the more saturated colors of the cool summer palette. Softer or lighter colors would wash her out.

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Jen Thoden

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