I had done Patricia’s seasonal color analysis before I was trained in the 4×4 color system for 16 seasons. When I saw her photo, I immediately thought she was light and warm. But her eyes were not a typical spring’s eyes. I saw earthiness in her olive green eyes.

Seasonal Color Analysis: What Season is Patricia?

So, I said she was an autumn. In the 12 seasons, there was warm autumn, deep autumn and soft autumn. She wasn’t warm and she definitely wasn’t deep. She had softness to her so I analyzed her as soft autumn.

Seasonal Color Analysis: What Season is Patricia?


She looks good. I think the colors were a little deep for her, so I advised her to wear the lighter colors of the palette. But she definitely looked good in the soft tones.

Once I mastered the 16 seasons, I went back to Patricia and knew that she fit into one of the new seasons. Tinted autumn or toned spring. Both are very similar. I honestly think she would look great in either color palette. But I had always thought she was a spring. So, I draped her in toned spring… and she looks terrific!
Seasonal Color Analysis: What Season is Patricia?

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