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The Soft, Cool & Light Color Guide is exclusively from the Your Color Style® system. This guide is ideal for people:

  • with cool undertones
  • who can wear soft muted colors (bright colors overpower them)
  • who are light (you have light hair, skin and eyes)

In the seasons, this style guide is perfect for soft summer.

  • The complete Soft, Cool & Light color palette PLUS your best neutrals.
  • Color names and numbers align with the physical color fan and color wheel.
  • Learn how to wear your soft, cool and light colors the RIGHT way... based on your personality, tastes and lifestyle.
  • Specific guidance on which colors to wear and avoid based on your natural coloring and tone.
  • View this PDF on your mobile device when shopping for easy reference.
Soft Cool Light Color Guide
Get Instant AccessOnly $27

This color guide is an e-book (PDF) that you will download from your account after purchase.

Your Questions On What To Wear
End Today

From the desk of Jen Thoden
Founder of Your Color Style®

Learning your color type is just the beginning of your journey. I help women all over the world learn what types of colors flatter them best. But as soon as they receive their color palette... they feel a little overwhelmed.

There are a lot of colors to choose from. Do I just pick a color and shop for it? Or do I go on a hunt for ANY color I can find?

How Do I Actually Wear My Colors?

It's easy to shop for a top in a color from your color palette... wear it with jeans... or black... and you're done! And that's OK some of the time...

But what about all those times when you want to dress BETTER than a top and jeans? How would it feel to dress everyday looking like a professional stylist pulled you together?

When you wear your perfect colors... you stand different... you walk different... you feel good... you are transformed into a woman with confidence, style and flare.

Imagine All The Complements
You'll Receive

A professionally styled outfit in your perfect colors can make all the difference in a day. You feel beautiful... you walk with more confidence... you'll love looking in the mirror... you'll smile... you will literally GLOW!

You DESERVE to look and feel beautiful all the time.

It's easy to dismiss not needing a perfectly styled outfit... but you DESERVE to look and feel beautiful everyday. It's not like it takes anymore time to add one accessory that will set you apart and have people wondering what you've done differently.

This is what inspired me to create a style guide specifically for your coloring. Once you know your color type... I want you to be able to know HOW to use your color palette as your secret weapon.

Thousands of Unique Outfit Ideas

I've counted over 100 professionally designed outfits in this style guide AND once you see the 100+ outfits I've designed for you... you'll have the confidence to throw your own creativity into the mix.

PLUS... many of the outfits I share are interchangeable... creating hundreds if not thousands of possible combinations! How fun is that?!

And yes... you'll discover a combination of formal, casual and business outfits to inspire you.

The Soft, Cool & Light Style Guide

A 64-Page E-Book That *SHOWS* You Over 100 Outfit Ideas and Hundreds of Color Combinations In Your Soft, Cool & Light Colors... You'll Dress With Confidence and Style Everyday!

Get Instant AccessOnly $27

This color guide is an e-book (PDF) that you will download from your account after purchase.

Here's What's Inside

Your Soft, Cool & Light Color Palette

You will receive the complete Soft, Cool & Light color palette plus neutrals. This entire color palette is designed and customized for your coloring and tone. Carry this guide on your phone or tablet and access your colors when shopping or editing your wardrobe.

Your Color Palette Explained

I break down your color palette into different categories. Each color set has it's own purpose. We start out with your 3 neutrals. Not every neutral is created equal... and I show you how and when to wear each one. I then show you what colors you should wear to appear friendly... or powerful... or calm and tranquil. You'll never look at colors the same again!

Hundreds of Outfit Ideas

The possibilities are endless. I show you several color combinations in your Soft, Warm and Light colors... and then show you how to translate that into stylish outfits. All designed for whatever scenario you are in... a formal event, a corporate presentation, everyday business casual... or taking a walk with friends.

How To Create Stylish Color Combos

I show you step-by-step how to create stylish color combinations using your custom soft cool and medium color wheel.

Thanks Jen ! Yep....the Bright, Warm & Deep is very "me." I love the style guide. many great color combinations I would not have thought of and I'm having fun shopping my closet with new "eyes".

You are amazing and inspiring. Thank you for your insight and help.


I love all my Bright & Warm colors, but until I used the guide I found it difficult to put the colors together. Jen's pictures of outfits using the colors helps me look in my closet and see exactly what I need or what I have and how to use it. This is the most helpful guide for using your colors I have ever seen. Also its so handy, just download on ipad or phone and carry with you shopping. Like a personal stylist.


I wanted to say thank you and how pleased I am with my color style report. I’ve been wearing a capsule wardrobe of neutral colors - black, white, tans, blue and grey. Turns out I’m bright warm medium. I revamped my entire wardrobe to the colors you suggested and I’m shocked.

First - I’m so much more approachable. Mr neighbor who I’ve never talked to in 7 years - sat in the porch and drank wine with me for hours the other night. Me in my cream colored top and warm grey pants!!  I’ve met new friends and people are so much warmer to me. It’s amazing - and I feel warmer too - which helps.

I was writing in my diary about it. I said “I feel so much like myself. I feel softer, prettier, sophisticated and elegant. It’s a huge difference”

So amazing. Thank you a million times. It’s a fantastic product 💗

Carrie C.
Get Instant AccessOnly $27

This color guide is an e-book (PDF) that you will download from your account after purchase.

When I created the color guides, I got so excited because I realized that I created a tool that I personally want to use... and I do. I refer to my Bright, Warm & Medium Color Guide all the time. I like the Bright, Warm & Light one too. It's the perfect visual reference to know what colors I should wear for any mood or life scenario. This has been invaluable to me. And I know your Soft, Cool & Light Color Guide will be invaluable to you. It's going to become your best friend!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at


Jen Thoden

PS. Your Soft, Cool & Light Color Guide will be available to you instantly via your account. Your guide will be a PDF file which you may open with Adobe Acrobat Reader, iBooks or any PDF reader.