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This is Step 3 of my NEW color analysis quiz using my proprietary color system, Your Color Style™! This quiz will take you step by step through a self color analysis to help you discover your perfect colors. Click here to go to Step 1.

You Are Soft & Cool

This means you can wear all the colors on the right side of the soft color wheel PLUS the universal colors on the left side of the color wheel. The universal colors are marked with stars.

Step 3: Are you LIGHT, MEDIUM or DEEP?

Soft Color Wheel - Your Color Style - Jen ThodenThis is the easiest and last step. My rule of thumb is to only wear a color as dark as your darkest feature (eyes, eyebrows, hair, skin).

If you have light hair, eyes and skin, then you are LIGHT. Remove the outer most ring because it will be too dark on you. Wear the second darker outer ring sparingly. Click here to get your Soft, Cool and Light color palette.

If you have medium dark hair, eyes or eyebrows, then you are MEDIUM. Remove just the outer most ring because it will be too dark on you. Click here to get your Soft, Cool and Medium color palette.

If you have very dark eyes, hair or eyebrows, then you are DEEP. You can wear all the rings of the soft color wheel. Click here to get your Soft, Cool and Deep color palette.


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Watch the video below to learn why I created Your Color Style™ and have moved away from seasonal color analysis.

Are you excited about my new color system?

Answer the following questions in the comments below:

  • Are you soft or bright?
  • Are you warm, cool, or neutral?
  • What is your most pressing color and style issue?
  • Will having the color wheel and color samples in your hands make shopping and dressing easier?

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Jen Thoden

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6 thoughts on “Soft & Cool – What Colors Look Good On Me – Color Analysis Quiz

  1. Hi jen, i am 56 and had a prior color analysis done in my 20’s. I was identified as a summer. From the age of 20-40 i colored my hair golden blonde to strawberry blonde to ash blonde. I could gett away with it as i had a youthful face. As i have aged i have lost some coloring in my face so compensated by darkening my hair to med brown. I loved it but exp great difficulty keeping up with the roots. I have been graying since my 20’s. My mom turned white in her 30’s.

    up until this week i had med brown hair. People always told me i looked younger than my age. I decided after much consideration to stop dying it brown and find something that would blend the roots better. I am now light ash blonde. My eyebrows are the same color. I have blue/gray eyes. The brown hair made my eyes pop and highlighted the pink in my cheeks.

    I am feeling and looking washed out. I dont normally wear much makeup, pencil in my eyebrows, cover stick to help with the dark circles and a swipe of rose lipstick when going out.

    Before coloring my hair i would have identified as cool med. now im not so sure as cool soft would really wash me out. My skin is quite pale.

    1. Hi Martha

      I highly recommend that you look at the Bright, Cool and Light color palette. Although you are naturally soft, now that you are dominantly grey, you will want the lighter brighter colors to lift you up. Avoid the darker colors as they will feel heavy on you.


  2. Hi Jen, I am 60 years old and am in dire need of help! My natural hair color is mousy brown, but when I was young I was white blonde. I currently color my hair blonde, because my natural color makes me look washed out and sick. (not kidding, if I go too long without coloring my hair everyone wants to know why I don’t feel good ) My eyes are a green / brown hazel, but they tend to change color based on what I am wearing, and how I feel. From a distance, most people tend to think my eyes are brown. They are not striking in any way – I think they are kind of muddy and mousy looking also. I have a fair complexion. When I go to a makeup counter to have a foundation match, it seems like they can never get it right. I am able to wear gold and silver equally well. Can you help me decide what my coloring is? I think I look best in white, soft gray, aqua, pink, royal blue if that is any help at all.

    1. Hi Diana

      My best guess based on the info you provided is Bright, Cool and Light. You may actually be soft but you may need a little brightness as you get older. The grey tones may drain you a bit. Try the Bright, Cool and Light colors.


  3. I need help! I have a lot of red and pink tone in my face, but I also have yellow/golden skin tone. My hair is a medium brown with warm undertones, natural reddish highlights. My eyes are a golden brown. So I have a lot of things leaning me towards warm, but the redness in my complexion seems to clash. Lipsticks tend to look more orange on me than they do in the swatch. What colors should I be wearing or using makeup wise?

  4. Hi Jen,
    I am 32 years old. I have naturally dark blonde hair highlighted a medium to light blonde neutral shade. I usually don’t like my hair to be a golden shade. I am partial to having it not super bright bleached blonde. I have medium deep grayish blue eyes, think a blue ocean. I think I have somewhat of a neutral-pink skin undertone and it’s light-medium shade. I have a lot of black, gray, navy, pink, blues in my wardrobe. I’m not sure if I am soft or bright. At times I like a bright red lip or a top. I have both silver and gold in my jewelry. What do you think? THank you!

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