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Soft Summer Celebrities

Soft Summer Seasonal Color Analysis: Cool, Soft and Muted

Your dominant characteristic is soft and muted. A soft summer’s coloring is very neutral and soft. It’s not really obvious if the hair is warm or cool… the contrast between hair and skin is typically low. The only real indicator that you fit in the Soft Summer palette is that your eyes are cool. If you have any yellow tones in your eyes… you are likely a Spring. You may have dark hair like Angelina Jolie… but if your eyes are soft and muted (like Angelina’s soft grey eyes)… then you are a Soft Summer.

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Soft Summer Celebrities

The Soft Summer celebrities listed below are: Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker

Jennifer Aniston - Soft Summer
Jennifer Aniston – Light Summer
Sarah Jessica Parker - Soft Summer
Sarah Jessica Parker – Soft Summer
Angelina Jolie - Soft Summer
Angelina Jolie – Soft Summer
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