The featured photo shows a perfect outfit for a soft summer. The burgundy leather jacket and charcoal grey scarf come straight from the soft summer color palette. I’m not sure if the person wearing the outfit is a soft summer, but those colors are definitely right for a soft summer. I’m loving the black jeans and shiny silver belt.

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soft summer palette Soft summers look best in analogous color combos. This means the colors are next to each other on the soft summer color wheel. The maroon for a soft summer is soft and muted. Next to it on the color wheel is soft purple. Grey looks wonderful on a soft summer, so I chose this as the neutral.

How To Wear Maroon For A Soft Summer

You could easily find a grey dress and wear a soft maroon scarf with soft muted purple pumps and a bag.

Have fun and wear what you love!

Jen Thoden

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