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You are a spring. You’re warm and light. If you happened to land on this page from a search engine, and you’re trying to find out what season you are, then you are in the right place. This is one of the pages in my online seasonal color analysis quiz. If you know you are a spring (warm and light), then stay right here and move on to the next question. Or you can start the quiz from the beginning.
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You are WARM and LIGHT and that means you are a SPRING. Spring is divided into 4 categories and you fit into one of them. The 4 spring types are:

  • Pure Spring (aka Clear Spring or Bright Spring)
  • Tinted Spring (aka Light Spring)
  • Toned Spring (this is new and not found in the old 12 season system)
  • Shaded Spring (aka Warm Spring)

I’m going to describe each type, and you should be able to see how you fit into one of these.

PURE or Bright

Clear Spring / Pure SpringA pure spring is the brightest of the springs. Your eyes are clear and bright. Your eyes are intense and literally pop. This is the key characteristic of a pure spring. Your hair is typically bright blonde. You may also have dark red hair but if your eyes are olive or soft, then you are probably a pure/warm autumn. You’ll know you’re a pure spring because you can wear the brightest and most intense colors of the spring color palette. Pure, bright and high contrast.


TINTED or Light

Light Spring / Tinted SpringA tinted spring is the lightest of the springs. Your eyes are light, your skin is light and your hair is light. Your hair is light to golden blonde. Your hair might be a dirty blonde or a light brown now, but you were light blonde as a child. LIGHT and warm.


TONED or Soft

Soft Spring / Toned SpringToned spring is the new addition to the seasonal color system. You may have been mistaken as a light spring or a soft autumn. Your overall coloring is light and warm but you’re not predominantly light, warm or bright. Your overall tone is soft. Light, warm and soft.


SHADED or Warm

Warm Spring Seasonal Color AnalysisThe shaded spring is the warmest of the springs. Your hair is strawberry blonde to light red. You look like a toasted light spring. You are light and WARM.



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Jen Thoden

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