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Hello! I’m so glad you’re here! My name is Jen Vax. I am (not in any particular order) a mom of 3, wife of Joe :-), runner, artist, speaker, Disney enthusiast, cruiser, entrepreneur and the founder of Your Color Style. More importantly, I help women, like you, express their authenticity through color and creativity. It takes confidence and courage to really let your true self shine… again… or maybe for the first time. Life has a not so funny way of pushing down our desires and discouraging what we really want. Learning about color and discovering colors that not only flatter you but make you feel good… more like YOU… is a powerful step towards reconnecting with yourself.

I’m assuming you’re new here… or maybe you just need a little guidance on what to do first at Your Color Style. Please watch this short video I created for you that explains where and how to get started learning your BEST colors. Or just scroll down to read your options 🙂

If you’re new to Your Color Style, here’s what I recommend you do first:

Take the Color Analysis Quiz

Join the Your Color Style Facebook Group

Need a little more help figuring out your color type?

Need a pro to give you some feedback or to help you figure out your color palette? The BEST place to start is the ColorStyle Membership. This is an exclusive space where you can post your questions and photos and get professional feedback from me and other trained Your Color Style coaches. PLUS, there’s a member exclusive DIY Color Analysis course that has tools to help you put your photo into rings of color. This is a lot of fun and you can share your images with the community for feedback. Becoming a ColorStyle Member has a TON of benefits. Check out and join the ColorStyle Membership today.

Already know your colors? Yes? Yay!

If you already know your colors, then it’s time to move into the next phase… learning HOW to wear your colors. This is where you get to exercise your creative muscles. Learning what types of colors flatter you is only the first step of an ongoing journey of self discovery and color mastery. Think of your color palette as your foundation. A starting point. NOW, what would you like to do next?

Learn How To Wear Your Colors

The style guides are the perfect place to start. They break down your color palette and show you which colors convey different messages and moods. You’ll learn which colors make you appear or feel serious, approachable, romantic, calm or powerful. Each of your colors plays a role in how you want to express yourself.

Shop for your style guide here.

Learn More About Your Color Type

If you’re like me, you LOVE to learn new things. Maybe you’re as passionate about color as I am. You want to learn all that you can. I created the Mastery Series with you in mind. These online courses are designed for people that just want to learn and master their colors… and maybe other color types. Because it’s fun. You’ll be the one in your group that’s amazing with color… handing out color advice like it’s the easiest thing in the world.

Check out the Mastery Series courses
FYI, the mastery courses are a 100 day bonus for ColorStyle Members.

Create Color Capsules

This online course is a LOT of fun. I provide you a digital version of your color palette and then show how you can be creative with your colors using Google Slides. I show you how to create an online color and wardrobe journal that will inspire you to try new color combinations.

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Meet Jen Thoden

Jen Vax - Your Color Style

Jen Thoden is a writer, speaker, entrepreneur, runner & mother-of-the-year (not). She is the international best selling author of “That’s My Color: Discover Your 5 Signature Colors To Transform Your Life“. Her mission is to help women express their true authentic self through color and creativity. She is the founder of Your Color Style™, a proprietary color system that makes it easy for women to discover their best colors. Jen is the go-to expert on color, confidence and authenticity. Her expertise has been featured on Good Morning Washington, Good Day PA,, She Knows and Thrive Global. She lives in Ashburn, VA with her husband and 3 kids. 

Jen shares her story…