Step 1: Bright vs Soft

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If you have red hair, start the color analysis quiz here. I have created a page specifically for women with red, auburn, and strawberry blonde hair… or if you used to have red hair. Start your Step 1 here.

If you have grey, white, silver hair or a grey blend
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If You Have Grey/White/Silver Hair

The Your Color Style methodology is a little different than other color analysis systems. I am a firm believer that we must start with chroma.

Often, a client will tell me that she doesn’t look good in a color. We’ll use blue as an example.

“I don’t look good in blue.”

When I ask her to put on a blue top that she feels doesn’t flatter her, I discover that the blue is too bright or too muted for her. She CAN wear blue, but not THAT blue.

Chroma is how bright and clear a color is.

In step 1 of this quiz, you’re going to learn what type of chroma you wear best. Bright or soft.

Why is it important to know if you’re bright or soft?

The Your Color Style Color Wheels

There are two color wheels in Your Color Style. A BRIGHT color wheel and a SOFT color wheel. The bright color wheel has the brightest most pure colors in its center ring. Then black is added to darken the colors and white is added to lighten the colors.

Bright Color Wheel

The soft color wheel’s center ring starts with the colors slightly muted or greyed. Then black is added to darken the colors and white is added to lighten the colors.

Soft Color Wheel

Are you BRIGHT or SOFT?

The question to answer in step 1 is, “Do you wear colors from the bright color wheel best or the soft color wheel?”

If you already know which color wheel is for you, then you can move on to Step 2 of the quiz. Select which color wheel suits you best: BRIGHT or SOFT

Something to keep in mind… you may decide that you wear colors from the bright color wheel best. That doesn’t mean you can never wear softer colors. We’re focusing on your BEST colors. Once you know that, you can add in any colors you want.

If you feel you can wear colors from both color wheels or you just don’t know if you’re bright or soft, then keep reading to learn more about your coloring. There are a LOT of photos to look at plus videos to learn more.


Let’s start with understanding what it means to be bright. There are common characteristics that will define you as bright, meaning that you will wear colors from the bright color wheel BEST.

White or Silver Hair

If you have white or silver hair, then you will need the brighter colors to balance out the brightness of your hair. Yes, if you have colored your hair a shiny silver or grey, you would be considered bright. Grey blend or salt and pepper hair is NOT part of this category.

Bright Copper Red Hair

If you have bright copper red hair, you will need the brighter colors to balance the brightness of your hair. Yes, if you color your hair a bright red, then you would consider yourself bright.

Bright Eyes

You are bright, if your eyes are sparkly bright as in the first and sixth example below. If your eyes are a mix of yellow, green and blue, then you are probably bright. If you have light eyes with light hair, then you are likely bright. If you have soft grey eyes, grey-blue eyes or grey-green eyes, please look at the Cool Eyes section under SOFT before you make your choice. Bright eyes can also be described as eyes that don’t blend in with a person’s coloring… they stand out… like the fourth woman below.

Deep Eyes and Hair

If you have very dark eyes and hair, then the brighter colors will flatter you best. Especially if your skin is deep. The darker the skin color, the more contrast and brightness you will need.


Individuals that have soft coloring tend to not have any one thing stand out. Eyes, hair and skin blend together.

Grey Blend Hair

Grey, Grey-Blue or Grey-Green Eyes

These grey eyes may seem light and bright, but when combined with grey hair your dominant quality becomes dusty and grey. Softer colors will look best on you. If you have grey eyes with bright red hair, then you are bright. Also in this category would be soft hazel eyes, as with the sixth photo below. The mix of cool and warm colors in hazel eyes will commonly indicate softness.

Medium Depth With Low Contrast

If your hair and eyes are about medium in darkness (not light and not super dark) and your skin is medium-light to tan, then you have a low contrast between hair, skin and eyes. This includes golden blonde hair with golden brown eyes or golden hazel eyes. You will look best in softer colors.

Still confused?

Not sure if you’re bright or soft? It can be a bit confusing if you don’t see a photo that fits you perfectly. Make sure you go through the BRIGHT options first. If it’s yes to any of the BRIGHT options, then skip over SOFT. If you’re still not sure, then go here for further explanation of Bright and Soft.

If you just want us to tell you what your color type is, instead of guessing through the quiz, sign up for a professional color analysis. You may not be ready to invest in that yet, but I wanted to make sure you knew it was an option.

Submit Your Photo

If you have characteristics that are not covered on this page, send me a photo. If you’re willing, I’d like to include as many examples of “real” women as I can. If your photo has good lighting, I may use it in this quiz to help others. Sending me your photo does not guarantee that I will use it or that I will respond with your color type. However, if I do use your photo, I will let you know and you can follow yourself through the quiz.

Please visit the Ask Jen page to submit your photo. Be sure to tell me that your photo submission is for the quiz. I may also use your photo for a YouTube video.

When taking your photo, please be outside on an overcast day. This is really important. Avoid bright sun, shadows on the face and shade. Do not take your photo indoors with artificial light. The only exception would be to stand in front of a north facing window. Turn off any indoor lighting before taking your photo. Wearing a white shirt will help.

Thank you for helping make this quiz amazing!



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