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Style Guide: 3 Ways to Style with a Bucket Bag

While some women are able to carry just their essentials in a cute little clutch bag, there are women who have a lot of responsibilities (i.e. kids) and need to have room for the essentials and the kitchen sink (LOL). There is no time to try and cram everything into a bag, you need the easy access of a bag that fits tissues, band aids, a wallet, a cell phone and possibly a baby bottle. Allow us to introduce– the Bucket Bag.

These bags do not compromise style and they are very chic and convenient bags that are roomy and fit most of your daily needs when you are on the go.

The bucket bag is not just for weekend runs, it can also be worn on a date or an evening out with the girls.

Perish the thought that these bags are just for moms. The bucket bag is for women who have a lot to take with them especially if they have a distance to travel.

What are your thoughts on the bucket bag? Do you have one or will you get one soon?

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