Blazers are not boring, they’re awesome especially when you add a whole lot of color.

Tuck away your usual black, navy blue, or brown blazer and make a color splash with colors of red, yellow, blue and salmon pink.

What can be more awesome then that? Adding a chic brooch, of course!

Brooches are not just pins for grandma. Brooches are great accents to your jacket that also make a statement. From flowers to hearts, you can find a brooch that expresses your inner fashionista and draw interest into your look. You can also add a really nice scarf to tuck under the lapels or floral blouse to make the jacket really pop.

Make sure the color of your blazer is in your color palette. If you don’t know your seasonal color palette, take the “What Season Am I?” quiz to discover your perfect colors!

Pair your blazer with a pair of jeans and high top Converses for sophisticated street style.

What do yo think of colorful blazers and brooches? Do you dare to wear?