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    Women of Color: Are you bright or soft?

    Many color systems for color analysis don’t really address women of color. In the seasons, it’s very common for an african american woman to be bucketed into deep autumn or deep winter.…

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    Color Theory: Are You Bright or Soft?

    More often than not, when I see someone wearing a color that doesn’t look right on them it’s because the color is too bright or too muted. They may have cool undertones…

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    Color Theory: Warm Yellow vs. Cool Yellow

    Would you believe that everyone can wear yellow? It may not be a bright true yellow, but yellow is a primary color… and in my experience, everyone can wear a version of…

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    Color Theory: Warm Blue vs. Cool Blue

    If you’re familiar at all with the color wheel, you’ve probably been told that blue is a cool color. Not “cool”, as in, you look epic, rad, groovy, amazing… whatever you kids…

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    Color Theory: Warm Red vs. Cool Red

    In this color theory lesson, I show you the difference between warm red and cool red. What does it mean when you hear me say, “that red is too cool for you”…