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    How To Wear Teal For A Toned Winter

    Teal looks amazing on a toned winter. I styled this color with an icy turquoise and black to give the look some contrast. Scroll down to shop the items in this outfit…

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    How To Wear Orchid For A Warm Spring

    Warm spring’s orchid is a true purple with full saturation. I styled this rich color with a bright blue and turquoise that are directly next to the orchid on the warm spring color wheel.…

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    Moodboard: Happiness Is A Journey

    Have you ever caught yourself saying, “When I finally make $X, then I’ll be happy.” “When I get my degree, then I can do what I love.” “Once the kids are out…

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    How To Wear Mauve For A Deep Winter

    Deep winter’s mauve is a deep rich plum. I added contrast to this outfit with a icy turquoise blue. Gorgeous. Have fun and wear what you love! Jen Thoden Download Your Deep…

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    How To Wear Mauve For A Cool Summer

    Cool summer’s mauve is cool and jewel toned. It looks great paired with a turquoise. Adding in grey keeps the entire look on the cool side which is what a cool summer…