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The Bright & Warm Color Fan

The Bright & Warm Color Fan

Here’s a deep dive inside the Bright & Warm color fan. I show you how you can use this color fan, including which parts of the fan give you your lipstick colors. PLUS… I show you LOTS of photos of different people that are bright and warm. If you’re on the fence of whether or not your bright and warm… these photos may help.

In seasonal color analysis, the soft and cool color fan can be used for Bright Spring, Light Spring, Warm Spring, Warm Autumn and Deep Autumn.

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2 thoughts on “The Bright & Warm Color Fan

  1. Examining the strip with True Red. Darkest is Maroon, which seems correct, as a very darkened version of red ought to be brown. But then the next dark version called True Red is also a browned color, at least on my screen. And this cannot be right. True Red is definitely Red and NOT a Medium Brown-Red!!!! Secondly I am wondering over how you differ between the True Red and the Clear Red? Are not a True and a Clear the same color in the Bright=Clear color scheme: a Clear True Red, while in the Soft color scheme a Soft True Red??? In this strip the Clear Red is the first true red color while the two uppermosts are Browns. What do you have to say about this?

  2. Another question. The red strip that you are showing goes from light to dark. There are obvious differences between Pastel Pink and Coral, and between True Red and Maroon. But between the medium values Light Red and Clear Red hardly any difference in value at all. Why is this? Is Clear Red such a light value?

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