"...It's great to finally find yourself"..."

Simple steps to creating your signature color palette that has all the colors that make you look and feel fabulous.


I have too many clothes and nothing to wear.

I feel invisible. It’s like people are looking through me
instead of noticing me.

I’m sick of looking tired and frumpy. Sometimes, I hate the way I look.

I’ve wasted a ridiculous amount of money on clothes
that just don’t look good on me.

I am tired of looking like I don't care about myself, but I don't want to have to spend a ton of time or money improving my wardrobe.

I want to look as young as I feel, but right now
all I see is grey hair and lines. I just don’t feel like me anymore.

I’ve spent entirely too much money on confusing color systems and I’m still confused on what colors I’m supposed to wear.


You look in the mirror and you KNOW you're not 20 anymore. In fact, you're glad you're not 20 anymore. And yet, you wonder, when did all those lines show up? When did my age start to actually show up??

Let's face it. We know we're supposed to accept our aging with grace. But, puhlease! We are not ready to roll over and give up on looking fabulous! Right?!!

We may have some grey hair... some wrinkles... some sagging in places we shall not name... but we still got it! And if you've never felt like you've got it... well now's the time to get it! You deserve to feel pulled together and start dressing the way that makes you feel good. No... that makes you feel AMAZING!

Did you know...

Wearing the RIGHT colors can make you
FEEL and look younger?

Who doesn't want that?!

But I bet you already knew this... Why else would you be here? Right?

You also know, that it's no secret that wearing the WRONG colors (aka. colors that do NOT flatter you) will make you look tired and drab. And you feel dull and frumpy.

No thank you!

So, what colors actually look good on you?

What are those RIGHT colors that will transform you from looking like a grandma to turning heads?

There is tons of information online about seasons and color systems. And they OVERWHELM with clinical phrases like undertones, muted and bright. It's all super confusing. Especially if you don't fit perfectly into any one season or color type.

I'm Jen Thoden and I founded Your Color Style™ to make it easy for amazing women, like you, to discover the colors that flatter you best. BUT...

Full transparency, even MY color system confuses people. Don't get me wrong, Your Color Style™, is still simpler and easier to understand than seasons (if I do say so myself)... BUT I still have clients and followers coming to me with the same questions and comments.


Jen, you said I should wear bright colors, but they feel way too bright.

Jen, I'm positive I'm cool and bright, but cool pastels wash me out.

Jen, I have red hair but warm colors look awful on me.

Jen, I absolutely love autumn colors but I think I'm cool... I feel sad that I can't wear my favorite colors.

Jen, HELP! I don't fit anywhere. I THINK I'm soft but I have warm eyes, cool hair... no idea what my skin is... nothing feels right.

Jen, I know you say you don't believe in neutral undertones, but I really am neutral. Help!


I really do.

That's why I'm breaking the rules. My rules. Color analysis rules. Season rules. All the rules 🙂

What if you could have a color palette that was absolutely perfect for YOU? It had all the colors that you love... the colors mix-and-matched in stylish ways... it fit your personality... and was unique just for you?

AND... you knew... without a shadow of a doubt... that those colors will light you up and make you look STUNNING... even when you're lounging around in yoga pants and a t-shirt.


I'm feeling confident and 20 years younger! Getting older doesn’t mean losing your personality or style.

I LOVE shopping now! I can walk into any store and find something that actually goes with my other clothes.

My friends are asking ME for advice on what they should wear. They're always telling me how good I look.

I feel like a professional stylist. I now feel confident trying different colors and combinations that I would never have thought of before.

I actually feel like me again. It feels so good to express myself the way I want to... and have the confidence to do it.

I am rockin' it! I really love the way my style is showing up.

I actually like the way I look... for the first time in a very long time.

Who knew?! I'm actually good with color!

…all in less time than it takes to binge-watch your favorite show
(and with a much better boost to your self esteem).


"Discover Your Color Style" is an online course designed to help you transform your wardrobe into a mix-and-match collection of clothes, jewelry, bags, shoes and makeup... ALL in colors that you LOVE... and love YOU!

Bonnie (VIP Member)

Love your ”Discover Your Color Style” course. This has been the single most helpful system for personalizing colors that I have come across. Your personal involvement has truly made a difference. My closet and I thank you. ❤️

Bonnie (VIP Member)

YOUR Color Style = HOW you wear a signature set of colors that LOVE you
as much as you love them.


Has only the colors that make you look amazing

Has only the colors that you truly love

Mixes and Matches in ways that you never thought of

Makes shopping so easy... so much fun

Never gets boring because you'll KNOW how to change it up

Fits your personality and style

Makes other people wonder what you've done differently... let them wonder! 😉

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Here's What You're Getting When You Purchase "Discover Your Color Style" Today...

  • Course Member Case Studies

    There are over 50 case studies of real women. These are videos where I do a detailed color analysis using their core signature colors as a guide. Access to these video case studies is worth the membership in itself. Scroll down to see a case study video, so that you can see how powerful this is.

  • Design and Create A Custom Signature Color Palette

    You will be guided through step-by-step video lessons that will have you creating a color palette that is perfect for YOU. Perfect for your personality, natural coloring, tone and intensity.

  • Unlimited Access To Video Lessons and Worksheets

    Take this course at your own pace. You can refer back to these lessons as many times as you want. Come back whenever you’re ready to change up your color palette.

  • Digital Color Palettes and Color Wheels

    Unlimited access to the digital color palettes I refer to in the lessons plus the color wheels. There will also be a growing repository of sample color palettes that you can refer to for inspiration.

  • Exclusive Access To An Online Community

    You don’t have to do this course alone. You get access to an amazing online community of like minded individuals that will support and encourage you. You can share your progress and help others. PLUS you’ll have support from me and my team. LOVE this group!

  • A Professional Education

    This is course is packed with lessons on color theory and color analysis concepts. Even if you’re not looking for a professional education… you’re going to feel like you’ve completed a masters when you’re done…. without the investment of thousands of $$


Get instant access to
The Course: Discover Your Color Style


Here's what's included:

  • Access to the course "Discover Your Color Style" PLUS...
  • Exclusive access to the private Facebook page where you'll receive support, feedback from me and my team, and meet amazing like-minded people learning what colors truly make them shine!
  • Access to 50 color analysis case study videos.
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Discover Your Color Style consists of 4 Modules designed to help you create your signature color palette. Each training component is designed to help you choose your BEST colors and to shop and dress with confidence.

Select the path that best describes your combination of hair, eyes and skin. Instead of going through a series of generic lessons that may or may not have something to do with you... I've designed this course so that everything you learn is relevant to YOU.

You can choose the path for:

  • Red Hair
  • Grey Hair
  • Silver Hair
  • Salt and Pepper Hair
  • Ashy Brown/Grey Mix
  • Brown Skin
  • Dark Brown/Black Hair
  • Blonde HAIR
  • Medium Brown Hair

There are distinct recommendations that will only apply to certain characteristics.

AND, if I missed your combination. Just let me know at support@yourcolorstyle.com and I'll make sure the content is there for you.

I've taken the guess work out of the process... so that you can focus on choosing the colors that truly resonate with YOU.


Gloria (VIP Member)

Thank you so much. You definitely confirmed what I have been thinking. It’s great to finally find yourself. You are the only color consultant that has really looked in depth at “Brown Skin” women. I applaud you!!!👏👏👏

Gloria (VIP Member)

Discover your go-to colors that will ALWAYS look good on you.

The ONE color that will bring you the most compliments.

How to be more confident with your color choices.

Discover your perfect lipstick and blush color.

Discover your BEST neutral (HINT: It's probably NOT black).

Discover the types of colors you should be looking for and HOW to wear them.

Learn how to strategically add in the colors you love, so that all of your colors work together.

How to combine colors in unexpected and stylish ways.

Discover your perfect neutrals that will go with everything, including each other.

How to shop with your signature color palette.

How to include the season's trending colors into your color palette.

Vickie (VIP Member)

Thanks Jen for my Signature colors!
Wearing my olives greens, & bronze golds tonight for a party & Show later tonight- I feel like a million bucks!

Vickie (VIP Member)

Discover the BEST hair color for your coloring and tone.

SEE what hair colors to avoid.

Yes! We even cover grey hair... whether you want to color it or want to grow it out.

Ladies of color... see what you might look like with different hair colors. Looking for a change, this module will give you some ideas.

Not sure? Post your photo to the private group and I'll play with some ideas.

Here is an example of me playing with blonde hair for a member that naturally has grey hair:

Stop the guesswork. I share with you color palettes designed perfectly for your coloring and tone.

Unlimited access to all digital color palettes.

Download your digital color palette to your phone and have it with you on the go.

Members get exclusive access to over 50 case studies.

Watch recorded videos of me doing a complete signature color study on members of the course.

You'll learn something new each time you watch.

Here is an actual case study video
inside the course:

Meredith (VIP Member)

Gee Jen, that was so comprehensive and I was quite amazed to see myself in the deep cool, which I can see clearly now, is my very best. Thanks again, because I think its wonderful what you have done!!!! Wonderful!!!

Meredith (VIP Member)
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I learn my color type?

    Yes! We are not providing a complete color analysis, however, I believe after you have done the exercises in Module 1, viewed the case studies, and shared in the private Facebook group, that you will know your color type. We are here to answer questions and support you in this discovery process.

  • What if I color my hair?

    Yes! This course is for you if you have colored your hair. You can even use it to help you decide what color to color your hair. You can choose to go through the module for your natural hair color, your colored hair color and colors that you’re thinking about. Have fun!

  • How many colors will my color palette have?

    This will vary based on each individual. You will have 12 “color families” at a minimum. I recommend no more than 15. Too many colors will make it difficult for you to create your easy mix-and-match wardrobe. Yes, these colors include neutrals.

  • How much time do I have to complete the course?

    You have as much time as you need. This is a self paced course and you will have unlimited access to it.

  • What is the difference between this course and the one in your book?

    The course that’s included with my book “That’s My Color” is just a small start to the larger color palette. It’s a perfect start.  Those colors will become the center piece to your full signature color palette. And then you learn how to add in colors based on the trending colors, what you already have, what you like, etc
    You will become the master of your color palette, adding and removing based on solid color theory and what you learn about your natural coloring and tone and intensity.

  • Do I need supplies to do this course?

    No, but I highly recommend it. I will be teaching you using the Signature Color Cards, along with the color wheel. There will be information about the Color Style Kit inside the course if you decide you want to use the same materials. There WILL be digital color palettes and color wheels for you to refer to.

  • What if I need help?

    If you need help with your colors, please consider becoming a VIP member. You can post your questions in the online community. The course is not designed for special 1:1 consulting. However, my team and I are available to offer support, answer questions and feedback. AND if I see that a question is not answered in the course or needs some love, I will create a video to help explain it. You will not be left in the dark!

  • I don't have Facebook. Can I still take this course?

    YES! The online community will be a Private Facebook Group and is for VIP members only. Regular members have unlimited access to the course. If you are a VIP member and don’t have Facebook you can always send your questions to support@yourcolorstyle.com for feedback.

  • What if I want personal 1:1 coaching?

    If you decide that you would rather have 1:1 attention, I recommend purchasing the Professional Color Analysis.

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