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The Perfect Yellow for the 3 Seasonal Springs

Using the seasonal color analysis, yellow can be worn by a light spring, warm spring and bright spring. But each yellow is different… plus each spring wears the yellow differently.

Starting at the top is the light spring, middle is the warm or true spring and bottom is the bright or clear spring.

The Perfect Yellow For The 3 Seasonal Springs

Notice not only the color of the yellow, but how the accessories complement each outfit based on the type of spring you are.

Light Springs should wear light, low contrast outfits. The yellow is a light yellow and it is paired with nude toned pumps.

Warm Springs should wear WARM colors. The yellow in the dress is a very warm yellow and the orange trim and orange shoes add to the warmth of the outfit.

Bright Spring need bright colors AND contrast. The yellow is bright and the outfit is accessorized with a punch of bright turquoise.

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