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Your Color Style™ Presents

The Ultimate Guide To
Your Color Style™

2 Simple Steps To Answering the Question
"What Colors Look Best On Me?"

The following pages are designed to help you identify the colors that are most flattering on you. These modules are packed with information and photo examples for women of any age and color (and even men) looking to discover the colors that will give them confidence and make them shine.

About the Ultimate Guide to Your Color Style™

Welcome to a new way of learning what colors look best on you! You’re about to discover not only what colors will look best on you... but WHY these colors look good on you... and what other colors you may be able to wear.

The Ultimate Guide to Your Color Style™ doesn't share personality types or seasonal color analysis. Instead, this resource covers foundational concepts such as your natural intensity, undertones, and contrast, always in the context of your personal coloring and tone.

This is not a seasonal color analysis. We will not be talking about seasons and which season you belong to. This is an entirely new system, called Your Color Style™, that will walk you through a simple step-by-step process that helps you understand what colors will look best on you.

Here’s the thing... bucketing yourself into a season, whether it’s one of the 12 seasons or one of the 16 seasons is limiting. Many of the seasons share colors... I can’t even tell the difference between a few of them, except one color palette may have a few darker colors.

We get so caught up in what season we should belong to, that we miss the entire point... which is to know and understand what colors look best on us.

The Your Color Style™ system is going to open up the possibilities and show you the colors that align best with your natural coloring. Forget trying to fit into a specific season. Who cares! Instead, let’s define your custom color palette together. This is going to be a lot of fun.

I hope you enjoy the Your Color Style™ system and that it helps you define your best colors.

What is Your Color Style™?

Your Color Style™ is a color analysis methodology founded by Jen Thoden. Your Color Style™ was created in response to the many individuals who were frustrated with seasonal color analysis and other systems because they just didn't seem to fit.

We are all changing, as we age. Our hair, eyes and skin may lose pigment. This means that colors that looked and felt good on you 20 years ago, may not look or feel right today. Color systems like the seasons don't address this and leave many women out... this includes women of color and women that are naturally grey.

Your Color Style™ is designed to define a color palette that is in perfect harmony with your natural coloring and tone. We don't try to force you into a type or season. Each color palette is customizable so that you can make it work for you, your personality and your lifestyle.

The best part is Your Color Style™ only has two simple steps. That's it. Easy. The first step will drive most of your color decisions and help you understand HOW to wear your colors the right way.

What You'll Learn

You're going to learn:

  • the two simple steps to defining your BEST colors
  • color theory
  • your personal level of intensity
  • your undertones
  • how to wear your colors so that they are in perfect harmony with your natural coloring and tone

We've organized this Guide in a logical progression. Though you can jump around, learning the strategies in whatever order you feel you need them, we recommend that you read through the chapters in order.

Take your time. Read and study one chapter at a time. Apply what you learn. And when you feel you've got an understanding, move on to the next chapter.

You'll be surprised at how quickly you'll learn what colors will look best on you. Then, once you've determined your best color palette, you can focus on editing your wardrobe and learning how to combine your colors in stylish ways that are perfect for your lifestyle.

Ready to start?