Marsala is super popular this year! I’m seeing in it all the stores this fall. Not surprising since it’s one of Pantone’s Fall Colors. If you want to know how to wear all the trending Fall/Winter Pantone colors this season, check out my style guide on Amazon!

For this post, I wanted to show you an easy color combo. Pair Marsala with a soft pink. This is more of a monochromatic look but is just lovely. I’ve put together 3 outfit ideas for you using this color combination.

This first outfit idea is more casual, but as you can see, it’s still very trendy and pulled together. I love the Marsala leather jacket and coordinating boots!

Be sure the sweater color is in your seasonal color palette. If you don’t know your season, take my free color quiz: What Season Am I?

Marsala and Pink Outfit Ideas
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