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Walk and Converse: How to wear Chuck Taylor Converse

Welcome to the world of Chuck Taylor’s! The highly popular sneakers were worn and named after the basketball player as early as 1921.

These simple classics sneakers made by Converse will never go out of fashion because they come in a variety of colors, designs and they look good with just about anything.

Want to wear them with a dress? No problem! Want to wear them with jeans? No problem! Want to wear them with… well you get the point. Converses are amazing shoes that will fit all your fashion needs.

Here are a fashion tips:

1. Choose fun styles like glitter to make your Converse stand out!

2. Wear your low cut Converse with a short denim skirt and tank to show off your gorgeous legs.

3. In the Fall/Winter season, look for leather Converse to keep your feet warm.

Do you have a favorite pair of Converse? How far back do your memories go with the popular sneaker?

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