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Warm Spring vs Warm Autumn – Seasonal Color Analysis

Warm Spring vs Warm Autumn - Seasonal Color Analysis

What’s the difference between warm spring and warm autumn? Are you having a tough time trying to understand where you fit between the two seasons? Are they really that different? Watch this video where I break down cool summer and cool winter and help you to understand the key differences that will make it easy for you to decide if you’re a warm spring or a warm autumn in seasonal color analysis.

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6 thoughts on “Warm Spring vs Warm Autumn – Seasonal Color Analysis

  1. Hi..I have been told I’m a Summer…age 32…age 37…a Spring…..age 58..a Blue Autumn….and then last year age the lady who had previously autumn..and winter by a different lady…..give up…!!!

  2. Hmmm….I think the video is accidentally the one from last time….

    1. Yep! I fixed it. Please try again.


  3. Love these videos! Your explanations are so clear. Thank you!

  4. Thank you!That’s the best explanation I have heard about the differences between the two.Now I am 100% sure that I am a Warm Autum due to my deepeness.

  5. Hi Jen. Your videos and explanations are fabulous!!! I have a question regarding gray/silver hair. I was a natural redhead (light auburn), but now my hair has turned an ashy salt & pepper with just a smidgen of auburn strands. In the past I’ve been told I was a Spring and/or an Autumn. How much does going gray affect my overall color family?

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