What Colors Look Good On Me – Color Analysis Quiz

Welcome to my NEW color analysis quiz using my proprietary color system, Your Color Style™! This quiz will take you step by step through a self color analysis to help you discover your perfect colors.

I want you to know that Your Color Style™ is DIFFERENT. This is not seasonal color analysis. It’s better. This system focuses on the colors that will look best on you based on your natural coloring and tone, instead of trying to shoe horn you into a season. I take a different approach in color analysis, and you will quickly discover how easy it is to figure out what colors look best on you.

I’ve put as much information in this quiz as I can to help you figure out your color type on your own, but if you’re still confused… please consider signing up for a professional online color analysis. Please don’t guess. I want to help you prevent expensive mistakes and to help you look amazing. You deserve to look and feel beautiful every single day.

The first step to discovering your best colors in Your Color Style™ system is to decide which color wheel to use.

There are 2 color wheels. A bright, clear chroma color wheel and a soft, muted color wheel. You will only wear colors from one of these color wheels.

Bright Color Wheel - Your Color Style - Jen ThodenSoft Color Wheel - Your Color Style - Jen Thoden

One of the biggest reasons a color doesn’t look right on someone is because of the chroma. Chroma is how clear or muted a color is. Muted colors have grey added to them. Clear colors do not have grey added.

A person, who has clear chroma features, should wear colors from the BRIGHT color wheel. Muted colors will wash her out.

A person, who has soft features, should wear colors from the SOFT color wheel. Bright colors will wear her and makeup will look painted.

So the first question to answer is…

So, let’s get started with your online color analysis…

Step 1: Are you BRIGHT or SOFT?

Bright - Your Color Style - Online Color Analysis Quiz
Can you wear bright clear colors? Do muted or greyed colors drain you? Do you have bright sparkly eyes or bright hair? Can you wear clear bright red lipstick? Is there an intensity about your or brightness to your skin?


Soft - Your Color Style - Online Color Analysis Quiz

Do bright colors overpower you? Can you wear soft muted colors? Do you have soft grey or hazel eyes? Do you have a combination of dark and light? Cool and warm?



Watch These Videos To Learn The Difference Between
Soft and Bright




Watch the video below to learn why I created Your Color Style™ and have moved away from seasonal color analysis.

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