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What Is Your Sister Season?

If you know your season, then congratulations… you know your perfect colors!

Did you also know that you have a sister season?


Yes, it’s true… not only do you have a set of colors that look perfect on you… you also have a secondary color palette that looks good on you. So, if you’re looking for more colors… then here’s a quick reference to identify your sister season…

Pure Spring = Pure Winter

Tinted Spring = Tinted Summer

Toned Spring = Toned Summer

Shaded Spring = Pure Autumn

Tinted Autumn = Toned Summer

Shaded Autumn = Shaded Winter

Toned Autumn = Toned Winter

Pure Summer = Tinted Winter

Shaded Summer = Toned Winter

Your main season will always look best on you, but you can also choose colors from your sister season. So, before you get rid of a color in your closet, check your secondary color palette first.

Hope this helps!

Jen Thoden

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