Do you have warm brown eyes?

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Read through the descriptions below to see if you match any of the warm brown eye combinations. Then, click on the season you think you are to see the color palette and more photos of that season. You’ll know if this is the right season for you if you gravitate to that color palette. You probably instinctively wear many of the colors already. Once you know your season, download your style guide so that you’ll know exactly how to wear your colors!

If you have warm brown eyes, then you are likely one of the following seasons:

Light Golden Brown Eyes: Soft Autumn

If your hair is golden blonde, medium brown with golden highlights and/or was blonde when you were younger then you are likely a Soft Autumn

Light to Medium Golden Brown Eyes: Warm Autumn

If your hair is deep golden brown, chestnut or auburn, then you are likely aWarm Autumn. Everything about you is warm.

Dark Brown Eyes: Deep Autumn

If you have dark brown eyes with dark hair, then you are likely a Deep Autumn. It is possible you are a deep winter, if your coloring is cooler than you realize.

What Season Am I? - How To Do A Self Seasonal Color AnalysisNot sure what season you are?
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I hope this helps. If you’re still confused as to what season you are, I am very glad to help. Sign up for my personal seasonal color analysis… I’m glad to help!

Jen Thoden