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What Season Is Andie? – Personal Seasonal Color Analysis

Andie was such an interesting client to work with. Before she sent me her photo for her personal color analysis, this is how she described herself:

… a former reddish brown hair, now silver. … Actually, I LOVE the silver which has some natural blondish highlights.
My eyes are warm hazel. My skin is very light and used to have real warm undertones, now not so much.  I still can wear greens if they are bright or icey…no more heathery anything.
I look good in black!…really good and white.  Bright colors are good all around,
Light spring? clear winter?

I love to hear how my clients describe themselves. I find it very insightful because you know yourself better than anyone.

Andi sent me a few photos, one that’s above. Andi’s coloring is so unique!

Her hair would put her as a winter… but her eyes are a beautiful warm. She says hazel but I think that’s because her eyes probably change from green, to blue, to grey. A perfect indicator of a spring. Spring eyes change based on the light and clothing. Always changing.

So, Andi has hair of a winter and eyes of a spring. What is she?

Well, first, her hair is really a winter. I thought so when she described it but it really is a warm white. A winter would have silvery white hair. She is clearly warm to me. Light and bright spring eyes and pale blonde hair. Plus she said that she had warm highlights in her hair before it turned.

I put her in light spring… and she looks perfect!

Personal Seasonal Color Analysis

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Jen Thoden

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