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What Season Is Carolyn?

Carolyn - Personal Seasonal Color AnalysisThis is one of a few photos that Carolyn sent me. Her eyes, as you can see in the featured photo, are a pretty grey blue. Based on her eyes only, I got the sense she was a cool palette.

She describes her hair…

I do dye my hair but it is as close as possible to my natural color, which at the roots is a generic, nondescript medium brown. It lightens naturally.

Her hair is not naturally auburn, which is really important to know. Because, she looks all wrong in a warm palette.

Knowing she’s cool and her hair is not dark, I can rule out a few seasons. She’s not a spring or autumn. She’s not contrasty enough to be a winter. That leaves me summer. I don’t think she’s light enough to be a light summer.

Down to cool summer and soft summer.

I put her in both seasons. She doesn’t look bad in cool summer but Carolyn isn’t completely cool. She has some warmth to her. So, when I put her in Soft Summer, I knew I had the right season for her.

Here is Carolyn on the left in Cool Summer and in Soft Summer on the right. The cool colors drain her a bit. I love Carolyn in Soft Summer pink! She brightens up.

Personal Seasonal Color Analysis

Soft Summer - Personal Seasonal Color AnalysisWould you like a personal seasonal color analysis so that you can dress with confidence everyday? I’d love to help! Visit my Personal Seasonal Color Analysis page to learn more.

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