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What Season Is Joy? – Personal Seasonal Color Analysis

I’ll admit it. The first season I put Joy in was wrong. Keep in mind that I can only do an online color analysis based on the photos you send me. I also take into account your description of your hair and eyes. As long as the photos are decent quality, I can do a pretty accurate color analysis.

joy-seasonal-color-analysis-eyeJoy’s first photos were a bit washed out. What I based the analysis on was a really great photo of her eye and the description of her hair. Joy has colored her hair lighter but she told me her natural hair was dark brown. Her eyes are a blue grey. I put her as  a cool winter. I thought she was a winter because her hair was dark, her eyes are cool and she had photos of her in bright colors.

But, here’s the thing… you know yourself better than me. If a season doesn’t feel  right, you just know. We naturally gravitate to our colors.

Joy came back to me a couple weeks later unsatisfied. Cool Winter just didn’t feel right.

I am so happy to continue an analysis if the client isn’t satisfied. If the colors don’t feel right, then I may have gotten it wrong!

So, it was time to get serious. I asked Joy to send me a photo in as many colors as she had. And she did! It was so insightful. Here’s one below in an orangey color.

What Season Is Joy - Seasonal Color Analysis

This color is wrong on her. I knew, just by seeing this that she is definitely on the cooler side. I studied her photos again. I took a photo that had pretty good lighting and I out her in soft summer. Bingo! Her eyes are grey-blue and when looking at her again, I realized that her overall coloring softer than a winter. Joy looks amazing in soft summer!

Soft Summer Personal Color Analysis


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