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What Shade of Green Looks Best On Me?

What Shade of Green Looks Best On Me?

What shade of green looks good on you. Green is a universal color… but if you think you can’t wear green, it could be because it’s too bright or too soft. Watch and learn how to determine which green looks best on you.

What Shade of Green Looks Best On Me?

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3 thoughts on “What Shade of Green Looks Best On Me?

  1. Hi Jen,
    I studied your bright and soft color wheels.
    Must comment: The colors Yellow Orange and Green Yellow on Both Wheels have no number.
    Should it be so?

    1. That’s correct. The color wheels were updated from the originals. So, in order to not disrupt the original numbering that aligned with the original color fans, I added letters.

  2. Also want to comment on this:
    When presenting warmer and cooler colors, here greens,
    there are 2 colors on the warm side, the the neutral, then 3 colors on the cool side.
    Think this is loop sided. Why is this?
    I would like to see 3 colors on the warm side, too.

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