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What to Wear to an Inteview

You finally got that call for your first interview, woohoo! Now all you have to do is find the perfect outfit to wear so that you not only make a great first impression, but you also land that position.

Here are a few looks that we think are sure to get you that job and start your business wardrobe off perfectly.

  • When in doubt, wear black and white. Black is a solid color that never fails and white is a color that looks clean, professional and stable.
  • Add flavor to your black and white with a little color with your accessories. Red may be a little too bold, but purple is the color of success and can easily enhance your look with out being overly fashionable.
  • Made popular on Seinfeld as “the pirate shirt”, we fashionistas like to refer to it as the Victorian look. The next best thing to wearing a man’s neck tie, the long bow tie is the perfect professional accessory to show that you are as strong as the men.

What do you think is the best thing to wear to an interview? What did you wear to land your dream job?


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