Light Yellow

This light yellow dress is perfect for the light spring. To keep the outfit low contrast, I paired the dress with a light green sweater which is right next to light yellow on the color wheel. To finish off the look, I added a warm yellow belt, clutch and shoes. Gold jewelry will give the outfit sparkle.

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What To Wear With A Yellow Dress For Light Springs

Deep Golden Yellow

The deep yellow below is perfect for a deep autumn. I know… it’s not really “yellow”… but not everyone can wear yellow. This is the closest I could find for an autumn. Pair this dress with a long teal jacket and taupe accessories. Wear gold jewelry. And if you want a little edge… wear a bright olive green scarf. The color combination is unusual but works!

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What To Wear With A Yellow Dress For A Deep Autumn

Cool Yellow

For those of you that have cool undertones, this yellow dress is a cool yellow. It looks like there’s some grey added to it. Clear winters will look great in this outfit! This is a triad color scheme where the yellow, red and blue form a triangle on the color wheel. These colors come straight from the clear winter color palette. With any yellow dress, wearing a colorful scarf will always look good.

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What To Wear With A Yellow Dress For A Clear Winter

Bright Warm Yellow

Here’s a bright warm yellow that will look good on all springs. Light Spring, Warm Spring and Clear Spring. I decided to add a bright royal blue scarf and clutch. Royal blue is opposite the yellow on the color wheel… creating a vibrant look. This might be a bit strong for a light spring… but I’d wear it! (I’m a light spring).

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What To Wear With A Yellow Dress For A Clear Spring


Now, it’s your turn! What have you worn with a yellow dress? Share in the comments below.

Jen Thoden

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