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What’s Your Theme? – Daily Confidence 23

I started something new about a year ago… inspired by my life coach now business coach. Whenever I design goals for my business, we put a theme around it. Like EXPAND or SCALE or CREATE FUN. We do this at each quarter and for the year.

I love the idea of a theme because it helps me weed out tasks and shiny objects that don’t align with the overarching theme. It keeps me focused.

I loved this idea so much that I started implementing the theme concept into my personal life. This year, my theme is SIMPLIFY & STREAMLINE. I am a very scattered person. Blame it on my creative brain or my ADHD but I do not think in linear terms. Which then causes me to lose my keys often… forget what I was supposed to do… misplace important documents… etc.

My life isn’t chaos but it’s a bit of a disorganized mess. So, my theme is simple. Any tasks, projects and ideas should fit under this theme. Editing my wardrobe and donating. Do I really need 3 red sweaters? Less is more. Installing Quickbooks to help me manage my finances. Getting Joe to help me stay accountable with scanning in documents so that I can find them later.

I now have 2 journals… brightly colored of course. One for personal and one for business. I treat them like bullet journals. Anything that pops in my head that I believe will simplify or streamline my business or my personal life goes in the journal. I’m also considering hiring a personal assistant that can handle some of these tasks (streamline). Maybe in 6 months once my finances are more organized. Maybe hiring a bookkeeper is a better start?

I haven’t started this one yet… but reduce my emails. I have over 100k of email sitting in my inbox. Judge me if you must but it seems I have an email hoarder gene. I just can’t bring myself to delete anything. The struggle is real.

But simplify isn’t just to-do’s. It’s simplify in eating and cooking. Streamline in planning meals for the week. Do I really need a Starbucks mocha when I am just as happy with a shot of espresso from my Nespresso machine at home?

I’ve also reduced the amount of TV I watch. And let me just say, this is the hardest habit to change. I love my shows. I love being entertained and staring like a zombie at the screen in the evenings. I do. Love it. So, for now, I resist the amazing TV screen on Thursdays. It’s a start.

Comment below… what’s your theme for the next 3 months?

Talk to you tomorrow!


Jen Thoden

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  1. Love the idea of Simplify and Streamline! I think I’ll take that on as well (imitation is the highest form of flattery right?). Some my first step is to set up a morning routine that will help me start my day off on the right foot rather than the current chaos which leaves me wondering what needs to be done when…that should help with the streamline part… as for simplify – yeah while I’ve started up a more consistent exercise routine, I still don’t need all those pieces (can’t even call them oufits) of exercise clothing so it’s time to sort, toss and donate – need to check my calendar and find a day this week to do that task, shouldn’t take more than 15-30 minutes…

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