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White Hair – How do the colors I wear change?

White Hair - How do the colors I wear change?

Jen answers a question “If one is bright, cool and deep, with medium to darker olive skin and very dark hair and eyes, —when they go white haired, would their best choice of colors be the medium to lighter shades of bright and cool Or…? What aspects, if any, should be toned down… or up?”

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1 thought on “White Hair – How do the colors I wear change?

  1. Hi Jen,
    I think I was an autumn – warm, bright, and medium to medium dark. I had brown hair with golden/reddish highlight, hazel eyes – medium I think – grey green with that golden yellow and outer teal ring. My skin is warm and maybe more neutral now. My hair is a silvery white. Teals and lavenders look great and do olives, silvers, and greys. A pinky, reddy brown – sienna looks good, salmon or coral, but taupes also look very good – that touch of grey in the beige I think. Other than those colors, I have a very hard time choosing enough color. I am definitely not pastel – I need more color. Why is it so hard to determine between soft and bright, warm and cool for me?

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