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Next Steps

Knowing what colors look best on you is only the first step of your journey. Now, it’s time to edit your wardrobe and learn how to wear your colors in stylish ways. If you want your colors right now, click here to download your complete Soft & Warm color palette.

Do you want to have your colors in your hand so that you can truly match your colors when you shop? Then, I highly recommend you get your color fan so that you have the actual colors in-hand so that there is no guessing.


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Order Your Soft & Warm Color Fan

Soft & Warm Color Fan

Your color fan has all of your Soft & Warm colors plus your neutrals. This is an amazing tool to help you identify your colors when shopping and when editing your wardrobe. Click here to order your color fan. Make sure you use your exclusive $10 discount, with the coupon code: ycsquiz10

If you’re still not sure what your color type is, please consider signing up for a professional online color analysis. You don’t have to guess and it will be far less expensive to get your colors right… instead of wasting money on clothes that don’t look good on you.

I hope you enjoyed discovering your best colors!

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