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Your 3 Neutrals Explained

Did you know that all neutrals are not created equal?

You convey a different message or mood depending on the neutral you wear.

If you wear casual clothes in your formal neutrals, you may feel off. The outfit may not feel right, even though you’re wearing colors from your color palette.

Has this ever happened to you? You’re wearing a neutral from your color palette… you KNOW it’s supposed to look good on you… and yet the outfit feels off.

It could be because you’re wearing too formal or too casual of a neutral for the type of clothing and occasion.

You have three different types of neutrals. And by the way, I SHOW you these neutrals for your color type in your style guide.

You have your formal neutrals. Your business casual neutrals. And your casual neutrals.

Your formal neutrals are your mostly your darkest neutrals but not necessarily black. Especially if you’re very fair. But these are the neutrals that you would wear for a formal event. Corporate suit. Serious scenarios.

Your business casual neutrals range from grey to brown to camel to rust depending on your coloring. These are ideal for business casual settings. They are less serious than your formal neutrals but still add a level of style and class to your outfits.

Your casual neutrals are ideal for shorts and t-shirts. Casual button downs and khaki’s.

These are NOT strict rules. Only guidelines. But I assure you, that if you wore a suit in your casual neutrals, it would look strange. Just sayin’.

If you want to see *exactly* which neutrals are what for YOUR coloring and tone, check out the Style Guides. I’ll post a link for each color type below.


Bright, Cool & Light
Bright, Cool & Medium
Bright, Cool & Deep

Bright, Warm & Light
Bright, Warm & Medium
Bright, Warm & Deep

Soft, Cool & Light
Soft, Cool & Medium
Soft, Cool & Deep

Soft, Warm & Light
Soft, Warm & Medium
Soft, Warm & Deep

9 thoughts on “Your 3 Neutrals Explained

  1. When will the Soft, Warm, & Medium style guides be available? I am ready!!!



  2. Dear Jen
    I enjoy reading your blog and i’m very Interested in your style guides. I was said ( by an analyst here in France) to be warm then soft then deep, deep is the last of my colors quality … does that mean I need the soft warm deep guide or maybe the soft warm medium one? Can you help me to chose?
    Thank you for your advice.

    1. I assume that means you would want the Soft, Warm & Deep style guide.


  3. Where are the cool colortypes?

    1. They’re almost ready


  4. Dear Jen,
    I bought the warm soft and deep guide and love it, but I do have a question about the neutrals casual. If I wear them at work is it too casual? And what about if I have dresses in my casuals? For exemple, I bought a kaki dress ( saharienne style), and what if I wear it at work? How can I improve the casual neutrals? Thank you

    1. Hi! Thanks for the question.

      Wearing your casual neutrals is not necessarily too casual. It really depends on your work environment. You’re going to definitely have a more relaxed appearance about you but that doesn’t mean you’re underdressed. I think a khaki dress sounds casual. It’s a dress, so it’s dressier than wearing shorts or capris. A saharienne style dress is casual. Sounds cute! As long as your work environment is casual, then I think it’s fine. You can dress it up with the shoes you choose to wear and some jewelry. Wear matte gold jewelry, some wedges (warm weather) or cute flats. Depending on the cut, a fashion scarf would be pretty too.


  5. Thank you Jen 🙂. Yes the dress is cute I love it! I will try to accessorize it more, not always easy to find matte gold jewelry, but I’m on it!

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