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...and learn how to build a profitable online business helping women worldwide shine in their best colors.

This Is The Most Comprehensive Certification Program
I've Ever Created...

(And Now I Want To Show You How To Create
Your Own Profitable Business As A Certified Your Color Style™ Coach)


From the desk of Jen Thoden

I am so very excited to be sharing this opportunity with you!

When I first started this business, I thought it was going to be just analyzing women's colors and then sell them a fan.

Being a Your Color Style™ coach is so much more than this.

I've had the pleasure and privilege to help women around the world transform from feeling dull to feeling confident. From feeling lost with their self image to truly owning who they are. From only wearing safe neutrals to popping in color and receiving complements. It's an amazing feeling to help people, just like you, reinvent themselves.

I want to help you do the same thing.

My mission is to empower women to be true to themselves.

That's what this certification and business program is all about. Color is powerful and it's just one small piece of your transformation. As you grow in confidence, you start to see that there's more you want to do. More you want to be.

Imagine having your own business that you can run from anywhere in the world and have clients from anywhere in the world.

Imagine being able to do what you love, learn something new every single day, have fun with an amazing community and help women begin their transformations.

This Is YOUR Business

I want to make it as easy as possible for you to start your business.

Which is why this program is more than just a certification. It's a business program. Together, we are going to build your business.

You're going to have a professionally designed web site set up and hosted by us. You don't have to know anything. You will also be provided with step-by-step instructions to customize your web site with your contact info and photo. PLUS how to post to your blog and establish expert status.

You're going to have access to a mentoring program that will be the key to your success. You don't have to go it alone. True, you could just get certified but then what? How do you actually get clients? How do you build a website... and what do you do with it? How do you market online? What do you charge? How do you accept payment? How does the actual "running the business" thing work?

I'm sure you can come up with at least a dozen more questions. That's exactly why I created the mentoring program. You now have a way to get all of your questions answered. My goal is to build an amazing community of like-minded business women that can become a resource for each other and a critical support system.

Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

Listen, I can't guarantee your success. Only you can make the decision to be successful.

But I can give you all the tools, education and support you need to get you started on the right path.

If you make the decision now that you're ready for your next transformation... then get ready for a life-changing year. You're going to grow and stretch and learn things you never thought you could do.

20+ Years Of Entrepreneurship

Just in case you're wondering how I'm qualified to help you grow your business... let me give you the "short" version of my business history.

In 1998, I decided I wanted to learn how to make money online. I learned that people look for information, more than anything else. Following some guidelines from a course I purchased, I published my first e-book titled "How To Heal Your Adult Acne Naturally." Odd, I know but successful. I was earning over $1k a month with just that one e-book.

That topic was boring to me and I decided to create a business around my interests. I created "How To Make Roman Shades" which grew into and I taught people how to make window treatments through online courses and videos. 🙂

By 2011, I had a 1200 sq ft warehouse, with employees and tons of inventory. We were even featured in Martha Stewart magazine.

I sold this business in 2011.

In 2013, was launched. This was just a blog to play with my own personal exploration of seasonal color analysis and style. Since then, I've founded my own color system, designed the color palettes and created products... which is now Your Color Style™.

How did I do this? I have 20+ years of online marketing expertise. It does help that I have a graphic design and fine arts degree and background.

I've learned what's most important when starting out. I've learned how to market effectively online. I've learned what not to bother with. I've learned (and still learning) how to run a business... not just be self employed.

I've made MANY expensive mistakes along the way. You don't have to...

I want to teach you what I know and to help you avoid expensive mistakes. Leverage my 20 years of experience to your advantage!

Take Action

The people that are successful are the ones that take action. Sitting on the fence and doing nothing will result in... nothing. Take the leap. It's time to take action. Go through all the details of this program below... and then take action. Enroll.

We're going to change people's lives!

Here's How It Works

Step 1: We Mail You Your Color Analysis Cards

When you enroll in the Your Color Style™ certification program, we will mail you 5 sets of color analysis cards. You will use these cards to assist in color analyzing your clients. Don't worry, the certification course will explain how to use them.

Step 2: Access Your Certification Course

Within 24 hours of enrolling in the certification course, we will reach out to you via email to set up your online access to the course. The Your Color Style™ certification course is a step-by-step, 11 module course, that will walk you through everything you'll need to know to be successful as a Your Color Style™ coach. This is a self paced course so that you can work on your certification when it makes sense for you.

All video lessons will have a downloadable PDF for your reference.

Plus, you'll have access to files and templates to support you in your professional journey.

Step 3: Your Color Starter Kit Ships

When you enroll in the Your Color Style™ Business Program, we will also mail you over $1300 in color products to use in your business. You will receive:

  • 2 Professional Series color fans (Bright and Soft) ($254)
    These are brand new and are designed with the professional color analyst in mind. Each fan includes all the warm and cool colors plus the warm and cool neutrals. You'll have the complete color palette in your hand. It also aligns perfectly with the color wheels.
  • 4 Main color fans ($268)
    You'll receive one for each color type: Bright & Warm, Bright & Cool, Soft & Warm and Soft & Cool. You can choose to keep these or give them to your clients. They're also good to have on hand for your reference.
  • 2 Color Wheels (Bright and Soft) ($134)
    Each wheel contains the entire spectrum of colors. This is an amazing tool to create stylish color combinations for your clients. Imagine being able to quickly recommend a color combo that creates that wow factor!
  • 12 Best Colors Fans ($564)
    Each fan includes 20 BEST colors from the main color palette. These are the colors that you will make your client's eyes pop and their skin glow. Use these as a reference when helping them learn what they're best colors are... or give them to your clients.

Step 4: Get Setup In the Monthly Mentoring Program

As a Your Color Style™ Business Program member, you will be set up in our monthly mentoring program. This powerful program includes:

Access to a private Facebook group where you can collaborate with like-minded business owners, ask questions related to your business, your clients and about anything in the course. You will never be alone in growing your business and mastering your craft.

If you ever have questions about color analyzing your clients, you can post photos in the Facebook group to get an outsider's opinion... including mine. We are here to help you.

Weekly topics to help you market and grow your business. This may include writing prompts for your blog, marketing ideas, more learnings around color and color theory... and business related tips... all designed to help you be successful in your business.

Monthly coaching calls where all Color Style Coaches join me on a call to touch base. This is where you can ask me questions directly, connect with each other, work on mindset and have the opportunity for me to coach you in your business.

Step 5: Submit Your Final Assignment

Yes, there will be a final assignment. This is where I evaluate you on mastery of the concepts and presentation style. This is a critical step before I send you your certification. My goal is to make sure you are successful as a Your Color Style™ coach. So, please know that I take this step very seriously.

Once I've approved your final assignment, I will mail you a personally signed certificate and email you a "Your Color Style™ Coach" badge to display on your blog.

Step 6: Multiple Revenue Streams

As a certified Your Color Style™ Coach, you will have access to a wholesale section of where you can purchase products at a 30% to 50% discount.

Plus, you will be eligible to receive 25% commissions on all referred sales to If you don't want to hold product in stock and deal with selling, let us do the work for you.

Review Your Choices Below and
Become A Certified Your Color Style™ Coach Today!


  • q-iconHow much can I make as a Your Color Style Coach?

    Your success is completely up to you. The more you work on your business, the more you will grow and the more you will earn. A color analysis will earn you $197 PLUS your 25% lifetime commissions on products your customer purchases.


    You do 5 color analysis in a month. That’s 5 x $197 = $985
    They each spend an average of $100 on That’s 5 x $25 = $125

    Total to you = $1,110 for the month. Not bad for only 5 hours of work.

    Imagine if you doubled, tripled or 10x this?

  • q-iconWhat happens after a year?

    If you are in the Elite program, your monthly mentoring membership will expire after 12 months. You will have the option to renew your place in the mentoring program. The same is true for the 90-day program. Your mentorship membership will expire after 90 days but you will have the option to join back into the mentoring program at any time.

  • q-iconCan I train others to be Your Color Style™ coaches?

    No, not at this time. As the Your Color Style™ coach community grows, I will eventually offer the ability to license Your Color Style™.

  • q-iconHow long does my certification last?

    You only have to go through the certification process once. However, I highly recommend you stay connected with the community so that you can keep your skills fresh and access updated course material.

  • q-iconWhat if I already have a Your Color Style certification?

    If you already have a Your Color Style™ certification, then you should still have access to the Professional section at the Color Style Club. The course will be updated to the new course before March 1st. I highly recommend that you go through the course again, however your will not be required to re-submit assignments.

    I also recommend that you join the monthly mentoring program, so that you can join the Your Color Style™ coach community and get help growing your business.

    If you want all of the other bonuses listed for the 90-day or Elite, you will need to enroll in those options. There is no extra discount since these are already significantly discounted to make the programs affordable.

  • q-iconWhat if I do the certification only now and then decide later that I want to be a part of the mentoring program?

    No problem! You can join the mentoring program here.

  • q-iconWhat is the difference between Elite and the mentoring program?

    Elite includes the certification course plus all the amazing business building bonuses, like the color kit and done-for-your website. It also includes business mentoring for 1 full year.

    The mentoring program is access to the mentoring program only. It is a monthly subscription where you will join the private Facebook group and have access to all that the mentoring program offers. This is ideal for individuals who are already certified Your Color Style™ coaches.

  • q-iconWhat tools or software do I need?

    I recommend you use the browser Chrome and Google Slides.

    I use Adobe Photoshop for white balancing photos and colorizing lips. This is not required but you may discover you’ll want a photo editing software.