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Color Theory: Your Lipstick Colors

Your Lipstick Colors

Jen shares with you how to identify your best lipstick colors using your color fan. She also shares how to wear your lipstick colors for different effects.

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2 thoughts on “Color Theory: Your Lipstick Colors

  1. Excellent video. I own a light summer palette and some of the colors look like your soft and cool colors, then I should buy the soft and cool palette? Also, could you please do a video talking about shades of white? It seems so tricky. I’m a soft summer and off white isn’t really my best white o.O. (And ofc it isn’t pure white!)

    1. If you are a light summer, then you are bright, cool and light.

      And good idea on the shades of white. Wait. You’re a soft summer? So, you’re soft, cool and light/medium. That’s not the same thing as light summer.
      I’d get the soft and cool palette.

      Your white should be a true white but just not a vibrant white. Off-white can become ivory which won’t look right. You almost want a white that has a dash of grey.


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