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Autumn is one of the four seasons in seasonal color analysis. There are several different types of Autumn color types. If you are an Autumn, then you can wear the colors of the Autumn color palette. Seems pretty simple, but I think this is a little over simplified. Every person is unique in their coloring and tone. Not everyone fits in a nice and neat color type. I'm going to break down the definition of Autumn seasonal color analysis in terms of Your Color Style. If you're new here, you will understand what I mean very quickly.

Typing you as an Autumn doesn't help you understand the colors you should personally avoid or the colors that will look amazing on you. There is a range of depth and intensity within Autumn. There are people with red hair, brown hair, hazel eyes, brown eyes and sometimes blue eyes. Brown skin, tan skin and light skin. Some people look amazing in bright bold colors and others wear soft muted colors better.

So how do you know what colors you wear best from the Autumn color palette?

Let's break down what it means to be an Autumn. The next section will explain the large color type of Autumn in terms of Your Color Style. Then, I'll break this season down into its subcategories, so that you can figure out your best colors and best color type. Remember, the goal is to understand what colors flatter you best, not necessarily your season or color type... because you could easily fit into more than one season. Let's focus on what colors will look best on you.

Are you an Autumn in seasonal color analysis?

In the Your Color Style system, an Autumn is someone that is WARM and MEDIUM or DEEP. This means the person has warm undertones and has some depth to their coloring. They're not necessarily very fair. They will likely have red, auburn or brown hair. Their eyes will have some rich earthy tones to them. Below is an image of warm eyes that are commonly seen on someone that is considered an Autumn.

The complexity is in the chroma of the colors an Autumn can wear. In Your Color Style, we also look at Chroma. Chroma is how clear or muted a color is. For some Warm and Deep people, they look amazing in bold brighter colors. Stunning. But for others, they look best in the softer colors. This third characteristic of Bright or Soft divides the color type of Autumn.

It's not so simple to say "I'm an Autumn." You're saying "I'm Warm and Medium/Deep" but what you're not saying is what color palette you should be wearing. Let's first go a little deeper into the concept of warm undertones and then we'll get specific with each subcategory of Warm and Medium/Deep.

Warm Undertones

You likely have WARM undertones if you have...

  • Green eyes
  • Blue/green eyes
  • Hazel eyes that have a golden earthy quality
  • Golden brown eyes
  • Skin that has a warm golden quality
  • Golden brown skin
  • Golden highlights in your hair
  • Auburn, copper or red in your hair
  • You can wear peach well

Here's an episode of the Your Color Style podcast that focuses on warm undertones:

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Below is an image of eye colors that are typical of a person with warm undertones. Notice the golden quality to them.

Autumn Eye Colors have an earthy, golden, rich quality about them.

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Autumn Colors

Autumn colors are warm and deep. This means that if you have warm undertones and deep tones in your eyes, skin or hair, you will likely be able to wear the Autumn Colors.

Many people assume that if you have warm undertones, then you can only wear warm colors. That's not true! Take a look a the color wheel below. This color wheel has the full spectrum of bright colors. Some Autumns can wear these colors very well. There is also a Soft Color Wheel for those that wear soft colors well. For the purposes of this explanation, we'll just refer to the bright colors.

Autumn Color Wheel

All of the colors on the right are warm colors and will look best on someone with warm undertones. You may not look great in all of the warm colors because some may be too light for you (and wash you out) and some may be too dark. Plus, you have cool colors you can wear located on the left side of the color wheel. All of the colors marked with an asterisk are universal colors and can be worn by anyone, regardless of undertones. You'll see blues and teals that will look amazing on an Autumn.

True Autumn - Bright & Warm

True Autumn Color Palette

True Autumn Celebrities

Warm Autumn - Bright & Warm

Warm Autumn Color Palette

Warm Autumn Celebrities

Soft Autumn - Soft & Warm

Soft Autumn Color Palette

Soft Autumn Celebrities

Deep Autumn - Warm & Deep

Deep Autumn Color Palette

Deep Autumn Celebrities

Soft Summer vs Soft Autumn

I get a lot of questions about whether a person is a soft summer vs a soft autumn. The soft summer color palette is made up of cool dusty tones. Dusty pinks and grey-blues. The soft autumn color palette is made up of rich earthy tones. These two seasons couldn't be more different. I created a video to break it down in Your Color Style language to show you how soft summer and soft autumn are different... and to help you figure out which one you might be.

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Warm Autumn vs Warm Spring

What is the difference between warm autumn and war spring? In photos, you see similar people. Both seem to have women with red hair, for example. The color palettes look very similar. I explain each season in terms of Your Color Style so that you can learn what color palette will look best on you.

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Deep Autumn vs Deep Winter

What is the difference between deep autumn and deep winter? They are both deep. They both seem to have dark eyes and dark hair. So, how can you tell if you are a deep autumn or a deep winter? I explain each season in terms of Your Color Style so that you can learn what color palette will look best on you.

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