Color Harmony in Color Analysis
Color Analysis Training - How To Become A Color Analyst
Learn why THIS color looks good on you but not THAT color.


A Color Theory course that teaches you how to make smart color choices so that you know the colors to wear that flatter you best.

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Thank you Jen for such a priceless gift!!

EUREKA -- thanks to this course I better understand why Jen analyzed me as a BCL 18 months ago! When I was younger I had warm brown hair, hazel eyes and warm skin. Now at age 72, I have cool gray/white hair, cool gray/green eyes and warm skin with a yellowish hue. This course helped me look at the whole picture in the correct sequence -- starting with value contrast, then chroma contrast and finally temperature -- warm or cool. I now understand WHY I don't look good in the brightest chroma colors. And...WHY some of my favorite colors are now magenta pinks and universal blue/greens (turquoise/aqua). These colors harmonize with my overall coolness and help neutralize or balance the yellowish hue in my skin. I'm elated to understand the confusing and mysterious aspects of my coloring and to have some new tools to easily choose harmonious colors. Thank you Jen for such a priceless gift!!


WHY does this color flatter me and what the heck is color harmony?!

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Who is this course for?

> If you know your color type but want to know about the colors chosen for you.

> You love color, color theory and learning new things from Jen.

> You're not sure about your color type, yet, and want to understand the color theory so that you can better choose your color type.

> You have grey hair or olive skin tone and some of the colors in your color type don't feel right.

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