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Stop guessing and wasting money on clothes
that just don't look right on you.

Thank you thank you Jen!

I could just never get a handle on what colors would look best on me and I am so tired of messing around with buying the wrong things the wrong colors... you feel OK in them but then you look in the mirror and the clothes are 🙁 drab and washed out or looking older than my 59 years!

Time to have Jen do her super color analysis! Jen is Fast and Fabulous! She asked for a couple of pictures against a white background which she sends explicit instructions on how to take the photos so that she can get a a good picture of your skin and eye color. And that was it that was the most painful part is taking my own pictures LOL.

In no time flat about a week later Jen sent me via email the color wheel that will look best on me .and she is exactly right I put on a scarf from the color wheel on top of my drab outfit and it changed the look completely wow!

Just one little thing changes the way you feel and gives a person more energy .

Jen Vax is amazing I would have never thought to use the colors that she directed me to but I am having so much fun with it now.

Many many thanks to you Jen !

Colorful blessings.

Lynnel Camling

"I've tried doing my own color analysis, but I'm still so confused."
"I’ve wasted a ridiculous amount of money on clothes that just don’t look good on me."
"I am tired of looking like I don't care about myself,
but I don't want to have to spend a ton of time or money improving my wardrobe."
"I want to look as young as I feel, but right now all I see is grey hair and lines.
I just don’t feel like me anymore."
"I’ve spent entirely too much money on confusing color systems
and I’m still confused on what colors I’m supposed to wear."

Jen was amazing

i am positively delighted! You made it so easy.I want to thank you from the depth (as a deep :-D ) of my heart for the chat and for your sharing your knowledge with me.I got lots of clarity from it, it just makes sense and gave me the direction for a better alignment. This is lovely 😇🙌Gratitude & blessings,


It was so wonderful to meet you and learn so much and get clarity (finally!). I can’t wait to learn more through the other materials and start applying them. I’ve always felt my closet is my artist’s palette and getting dressed is a daily process of creating art. You’ve also given me a roadmap for how I can start to streamline my closet and cosmetics as I look to live a more focused life of beauty, integrity and discovery.This was a wonderful gift!


I have been draped in the 4 season system as a spring but was very limited with my palette. I knew that I could wear colors that were not in my spring palette! I even thought maybe I could be an autumn because I could also wear cranberry and olive green.But these colors were not in my spring palette. Jen was amazing and was able to tell I was warm, bright and medium! Her palettes are amazing! they go beyond the seasonal systems. My coloring makes so much sense now. Her on line card draping is just as accurate as an “in-person” draping.

I highly recommend having your colors done with her!

Celeste Tepedino

It has been a very rewarding experience to have Jen do my color analysis. The time she spent exhausting all resources to bring me to a place where I can purchase confidently, dress creatively and enjoy the journey of doing so is wonderful. Thank you, Jen

Joy and Ross (Soft and Cool)

Sometimes, it's just easier to have someone else just tell you what your color type is. Right?

You can spend your time taking the quizzes and guessing... but it's not always easy to figure out your colors. Especially if you seem to fall into multiple categories.

That's what I'm here for. I specialize in helping women who are in transition... or have a mix of features... that take you out of the "standard" definitions you see online.

I've helped women who are going grey and their colors don't feel right anymore... women of color that have grey hair... women with warm hazel eyes and cool hair...

Bottom line, when you sign up for a professional color analysis, my team and I will help you.

And I can't wait! Because this is what I most love to do! It's my jam.

Here's What You Can Expect

Step 1: Schedule Your Session on Jen's Calendar
You will receive an email when you sign up with a link to Jen's calendar. You will schedule your session on one of the available dates. If you can't find a day and time that works for you, you can contact our support team to find a date that works for you and Jen.

Step 2: Email Us Your Photos
Once you receive your instructions, you will email your photos to us.

Meet Sharon

Step 2: Your Personal Color Analysis E-Book is Created
Once we have the right photos from you, Jen will personally complete a personalized e-book that includes the digital draping process, their notes, your color type, your signature colors and 6 recommended colors to wear. PLUS, Jen will create a first draft of your signature color palette.

View a Sample Color Analysis E-Book

Step 3: Join Jen on a Zoom Call on the scheduled date and time.
Jen will chat with you to understand your goals, review your color analysis with you, answer any questions you may have, explain your signature colors and craft a final collection of colors with you that will be your limited signature color palette.

Step 4: Receive All the Goodies
Jen will email you your e-book, access to your color guide, ship you your color fans and the custom 8x10 print of your signature color palette. PLUS, instructions on how to receive a year of VIP free.

More love

I am so impressed with the personal color analysis part of Jen's program. 

Janet Lynne

Thank you so much. You definitely confirmed what I have been thinking. It’s great to finally find yourself. You are the only color consultant that has really looked in depth at “Brown Skin” women. I applaud you!!!👏👏👏


Earlier my concept of skin tone was based on ‘cool’ and ‘warm’ only. This always confused me as I could never wear clothes which were extremely warm. I often kept wondering that up to what intensity of warmth was well suited for my skin. BUT now with Jen’s method it was clear to me that I’m warm soft and dark. Thank you Jen.


I have realised that Jens system is probably one of the best on the market.

Sue Mason

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included with the color analysis?
Up to 90 minutes dedicated time with Jen Vax, your personal color analysis e-book with your signature colors and 6 recommended colors. Your color fan, neutrals fan and color guide.

How long does this process take?
Jen requires your photos to be sent to her 5 business days before your scheduled appointment to be prepared for your call.

What if I don't agree with the analysis?
You will have 90 minutes to personally work with Jen to make sure the colors are right for you. Jen will work with you to make sure your color analysis is accurate and that your colors represent your personality.

What if I color my hair?
We typically analyze you with your current hair color. However, if you are thinking of changing your hair color, it will be important to know what your hair color is naturally.

What if I have questions?
We are happy to help and answer any questions. Please contact our support team.

How long is my color analysis good for?
We are happy to answer your questions and provide any clarity you need for 3 months after receiving your color analysis. If you have more questions on how to wear your colors, makeup, hair advice, please join Style Masters to receive this continued support and coaching.

What if you've done my colors in the past and I want and updated color analysis?
Wanting an updated color analysis can happen when you want to change your hair color or the tastes are changing. If you simply need clarity, I highly recommend you join Style Masters.

Is there a less expensive option?
Yes! Please reach out to one of Jen's trained and certified color consultants.

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